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After getting drunk, buying me those tops I wanted, and then zapping his balls with a bug zapper – thumbelina wants to wish everyone a happy holiday! *LoL*

I have been slacking on posting because I actually have a SOCIAL LIFE… do you? Don’t lie.

Anyway, in August I assigned my car insurance bill to slave thumbelina and he’s paid the last 2 months like a good little tiny 3-inch dick slave :)

That’s all for today… just wanted to update! *LoL*

Loser, your job is to budgetyour lifestyle and sacrifice for MINE! So in October… your job will be to pay for my Electric Bill ($100.00) and Car Insurance ($75.00) again…

AND to buy me this: Crate & Barrel – Nest Weave Oval Basket (I have a 10% discount code, ask me for it when you are ordering)

Birthday Vacation Plans

June 2nd, 2011

So I am planning my BIRTHDAY 2011 vacation this August/September and this is where I have decided to go:

» San Francisco, CA (4 days)
» San Diego, CA (4 days)
» Los Angeles, CA (3 days)
» Las Vegas, NV (4 days)

I have not decided on the dates but sissy slave mike, thumbelina, and sissy slave mimi with be contributing towards my hotel, rental car, and flight!


March 26th, 2011

I have a bunch of sh*t on my camera that I haven’t posted, but I’m not going to waste my time and post every single thing for here are the most important things…


March 7th, 2011

I do all of my website and video work on my desktop computer, and since I was only getting a unsecured wifi connection on my laptop, I was unable to work on my members site. Well I COULD HAVE, but I like to upload and see my website work as soon as I finish it to make sure everything is in order. And really didn’t feel like doing ANYTHING all last week because I was cut off from all technology. So this week, I will be finishing my members site for REAL and then submitting it to the payment processing company for them to approve my site and make it live for customers… THEN, my next project will be the clips store. One thing at a time.

ALSO – when I go to Boise, I am thinking of going to Vegas for a few days for a little vacay! Who is going to pay for my FLIGHT?! I think I will be staying 3-nights… anything over 3 days in Vegas is wayyyy too much for me. I have been to Vegas enough times to have that experience. I was actually thinking about looking at some real estate – it could be my future residence. Never know! I have a few friends who live there – so I wanna check out the area they live in and see if I like it. Of course, it’d be like 2-3 years before I actually moved there. But I am a planner – I like to have something to work towards.

Anyway, I got the Z Gallerie lamp I wanted (via thumbelina)and took a pic of it when it arrived… and some cute sandals from my secret admirer… a comforter from sissy slave mike… and a water bottle *LoL* a girl has to stay hydrated! AND last but not least – unless we are talking about the amount of sex he gets (if ever) – is slave mimi… he deposited $750.00, which was the rest of the $1,500.00 he owed me. Oh! And stupid you -know-who paid his $250.00 bill…

Bored As F*CK

March 3rd, 2011

My internet connection is off and on because I’m using wifi and relying on unsecured networks – but right NOW, I have internet access… tomorrow I will have a new provider installing cable and internet and will be back in the game. Just in time for the weekend.

Anyway, I was going through a bunch of pictures and clearing out my computer and decided to post some of them…

…wife beaters, wet hair, and no makeup has never been so sexy *wink*


Also, thumbelina bought me a template for my members website and thanked me for it on webcam… those are my dirty panties on his face…

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