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Hypno-Recording Snippet

September 9th, 2011

The following is a snippet from a hypno-recording I made for sissy slave mimi – he LOVE$ to be raped by ME!

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If you would like a personalized hypno-recording too, the price for that will be $25.00 (3-4 minutes)

Email me for more information…

Loser, the $150.00 that you put into my account last week does not count towards your September fees! So, to recap once again…

::: September :::
» Previous Tag-Team Fee (From June) – $80.00
» Tag-Team Fee (From June) – $150.00
» $1,500.00+ Tribute
» $150.00 – Gift E-Certificate
» $100.00 – Comcast Cable (you can pay this online)

Hump Day!

August 3rd, 2011

HOW is it already the 3rd of the month? HOLD COW! (I’m bringing that phrase back) … ANYWAY, I forced myself to wake up today even though I was SO tired and only had about 3-4 hours of sleep. I had the worst time falling asleep and remember looking at the clock at about 9:15am before falling to sleep. My plans for today are going to the gym and then going bowling later this evening lol – if I were to sleep in until I was well rested, the gym wouldn’t get done and I’m on a mission to hit my goal weight by September 1st. If it doesn’t happen… someone’s dick is getting CUT! ;)

In other news… sissy slave mimi deposited $1,500.00 into my bank account yesterday which I am very pleased about even though he is a MONTH late doing so… I told him he is to deposit $1,500-2,000 in September. Make it happen!

Anyway, that’s all for now… I’ll post more gift updates when I get all of the things that slave toronto purchased for me from my wishlist. Time to go to the gym, later losers!


June 19th, 2011

sissy slave mimi’s wife was out of town ALL week & like I said on a previous post, I intended on RAPING THE FUCK OUT OF HIM by charging him $5.00 per text message that I send him. Now, because it was a whole week of charges, I decided to be fair and only message him after he had initiated conversation…

Saturday → 92 X $5.00 = $460.00

Sunday → 8 x $5.00 = $40.00

Monday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Tuesday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Wednesday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Thursday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Friday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

I decided to round M-F to 20 because I raped him so hard last weekend *hahahahaha* Anyway, he still owes me a $125.00 Crate&Barrel GC for this past weekend ($50.00 cum tax & $75.00 tag-team fee)…

Time to add it all up and see what his total current texting debt is!!!! *drum roll*

Total Current Debt: $6,950.00


June 17th, 2011

TGIF LOSERS! I’m actually in a bad mood because the maitenence somehow refuses to aknowledge my maitenence requests to fix the A/C and it’s been 2 weeks…3 requests… nothing. Someone is not doing their job. I intend to write the owners about this – actually I’m going to have sissy slave mimi do it since he’s my BITCH! *LoL*

Speaking of sissy slave mimi, he was ignored big time a few days ago – I would received a text from him and just delete it. And then laugh at how desperate he was becoming. It was partly because he was not being responsible and lost his mind during the ‘tag-team’ raping and spent too much money… resulting in the inability to pay for a few things that I had schedule for him (one important bill being my July Rent payment, due 7/2) and instead has to wait until the middle of July to pay me back for being late. ANYWAY, in mimi’s desperate attempts for attention and raping, he offered $150.00 more so that will deduct from what he was not able to pay this month. He deposited the $150.00 into my bank account this afternoon.

Here is the screen shot of that… I know you wankers like to see it and get jealous of my paying slaves…

Anyway – tonight I’m not really doing anything. I’m probably going to make a few videos for my clips4sale store and then watch NetFlix! It’s supposed to storm tonight… it already stormed once… and I’m fine with storms because I have the windows open all the way – helping to cool down my apartment.

text update for mimi

June 4th, 2011

55 text messages received from me at $3.00 each…

55 x $3.00 = $165.00

you are such a hoe… you are getting closer to the 6k mark!!!

Total Current Debt: $5,539.00

Birthday Vacation Plans

June 2nd, 2011

So I am planning my BIRTHDAY 2011 vacation this August/September and this is where I have decided to go:

» San Francisco, CA (4 days)
» San Diego, CA (4 days)
» Los Angeles, CA (3 days)
» Las Vegas, NV (4 days)

I have not decided on the dates but sissy slave mike, thumbelina, and sissy slave mimi with be contributing towards my hotel, rental car, and flight!

Happy Memorial Day

May 30th, 2011

sissy slave mimi was a good boy today and paid my Comcast (cable and internet) bill…

BUT tomorrow, sissy slave mike is sending me his chastity key in the mail for the FIRST time ever. This should be FUN!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa! A lot of penis punishment is in store for him :) ANYWAY – here is a video that sissy slave mike made for me. *LoL*

raped, controlled, owned.

May 27th, 2011

No other slave of mine BEGS to be raped more than sissy slave mimi! He literally cannot get enough…he’s addicted…as he should be! DUH!!!! He’s so lucky to even have met me and spend time around me… of course he PAYS for it. Hard.

102 x $3.00 = $306.00

He was a good boy today, he bought my boyfriend a pair of Nike shoes – his other ones are ‘dirty’ – and you know my bf cannot be walking around with dirty shoes! Anyway… the running balance for sissy slave mimi issssssss…

Total Current Balance: $4,927.00

WOW, almost 5k! Well, let’s go through and do some math so that you won’t “freak out” so bad…

After you pay for the following: $280.00 (night stand), $2,600.00 (LED TV), & $600.00 (July rent) your balance will *only* be $1,447.00… and YES, I said pay my JULY RENT – that’s what I decided you are going to pay for in July.


March 26th, 2011

I have a bunch of sh*t on my camera that I haven’t posted, but I’m not going to waste my time and post every single thing for here are the most important things…

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