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I control you loser….

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The panties from my “So Fresh ‘N So Clean” video are now up for bid on ebanned!

Bidding starts at $10.00 – BID NOW!

Look at that face of an angel! :)

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Buy it now! (Mandatory for sissy slave mike)

Re-listed at a lower price


At My Boots! (Boot/Foot Fetish Video)

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Buy My Videos, LOSERS!

August 12th, 2011

Everyone better get over to my clips4sale store and buy some videos, stop being so fucking cheap!

The panties in the past two ass worship videos will be going up for bid on ebanned next week! They will start at $50.00 – Are you excited? :)


June 17th, 2011

TGIF LOSERS! I’m actually in a bad mood because the maitenence somehow refuses to aknowledge my maitenence requests to fix the A/C and it’s been 2 weeks…3 requests… nothing. Someone is not doing their job. I intend to write the owners about this – actually I’m going to have sissy slave mimi do it since he’s my BITCH! *LoL*

Speaking of sissy slave mimi, he was ignored big time a few days ago – I would received a text from him and just delete it. And then laugh at how desperate he was becoming. It was partly because he was not being responsible and lost his mind during the ‘tag-team’ raping and spent too much money… resulting in the inability to pay for a few things that I had schedule for him (one important bill being my July Rent payment, due 7/2) and instead has to wait until the middle of July to pay me back for being late. ANYWAY, in mimi’s desperate attempts for attention and raping, he offered $150.00 more so that will deduct from what he was not able to pay this month. He deposited the $150.00 into my bank account this afternoon.

Here is the screen shot of that… I know you wankers like to see it and get jealous of my paying slaves…

Anyway – tonight I’m not really doing anything. I’m probably going to make a few videos for my clips4sale store and then watch NetFlix! It’s supposed to storm tonight… it already stormed once… and I’m fine with storms because I have the windows open all the way – helping to cool down my apartment.

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Jerk-Off Instructional “Do The Jerk”

*NEW Video* “The Pits”

June 14th, 2011

Armpit Fetish Video

Your Type.

June 13th, 2011

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Go buy it now bitches!

Clips4Sale Teaser Preview

June 10th, 2011

…Gotta love Muddy Waters ♥

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Losers Pay Me

February 6th, 2011

I don’t know if you know… but I own like 30 website domains… Everything from FINANCIALHUMILIATRIX.COM to LOSERSPAY.ME… Over the weekend, I decided to make use of  (LosersPay.Me) “Losers Pay Me” and forward the domain to my new clips4sale page, which will be up and running sometime this month. This clips4sale page will only be for domination & humiliation-type videos. The other clips for sale page ( has ALL types of fetish videos, everything from balloon popping to spit video… I wanted this new one to be only for domination/humiliation. Anyway, you’ll definitely know when the new store is up and running because I *will* be posting about it!

Tonight, thumbelina & I did my homework together – and we got a 100% on my quiz! Yeaaaah! I was in a hurry because it had to be done by 12am, but I got it done with 20 minutes to spare. So far I have an *A* in all of my classes. DUH! I just applied for FAFSA, last year I didn’t qualify, which is a load of shit. But hopefully, this year I will and won’t have to pay for school on my own. I hate paying for school when other people get it nearly for FREE! *I* should be getting free schooling too! I’ve only had one semester where I got $500.00 from FAFSA… but that small ass amount covers 75% of ONE class… such bullshit. BULLSHIT I SAY! *GrRrr*

Anyway, just wanted to make that brief announcement… BYEEEEeeeeeeee!

I had a lot of requests for my “white panties” so I am now putting them up for auction!

Auction starts at $20.00 » Bid NOW!

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Jerk-off Instructional » BUY NOW!

The closest you will ever get to my ass crack, booty boys!

Bidding starts at $20.00 – Bid NOW!

I made a new jerk-off instructional! I had a few requests of making an instructional in my sexy lacquer leggings, so there you have it, bitches!

Go buy it!


January 21st, 2011

Hey freaks! What are you doing? Oh yeah, that’s right… obsessing over ME.

I’m getting ready to shower, get prettified, sexxxified, and then record a few videos! After that I’ll be listing some panties on ebanned for you to bid on… I don’t have any shoes to sell because I hardly go anywhere to wear shoes and really stink them up… the next shoes that will be sold are my workout sneakers – but not for awhile… but I will be selling some more workout socks SOON. Maybe next week sometime!

Go buy some videos NOW –

I Do It & I Do It Well…

January 19th, 2011


If the auction goes over $50.00, the winner gets a custom video…

If the auction goes over $65.00, the winner also gets an assignment video!

Bidding starts at $10.00

::: BID NOW :::

My sexy bare feet, soles, toes, and my perfectly plump ass!


January 1st, 2011

So a few people have already contacted me asking where I moved some things from my website, so I decided to make a blog entry letting you know what has changed on my website:

Website Changes - I really felt like my prior layout had WAY too much on it. I am really not one for clutter and believe less is more. Plus, I feel like the Financial Domination scene has really been cheapened by girls who give too many things away for FREE. Remember when Dommes hardly ever had videos of themselves up for free on their websites? NOW, almost everyone has to put free incentives up just because a cam girl wants to convert to domination and dilute the true meaning of FINANCIAL SLAVERY. Slaves should be pleasing US, not the other way around…

If you are a MONEY SLAVE – you should respect the Princess/Goddess you are serving & pay for honor of viewing pictures and watching videos. This is one of the reasons I don’t have a account anymore (plus it kept getting flagged) but if you want it…pay for it! I will still be posting some preview videos for marketing/promotional purposes every once in awhile for my clips4sale & members website.

Anyway, back to website changes/updates…
*Twitter widget moved to the Daily Addiction blog
*Car & House Fund added & will be updated frequently
*Tribute & Sessions pages updated. Session prices have changed.
*Adopt-a-Bill information updated
*Removed gifts received (All gifts can be viewed on the blogs)
*Updated Luxury Wishlist
*Free Foot Pictures removed (posted on the blog I’m being generous)

Daily Addiction Blog - I’ve cleaned the menu up… you will find the most important links listed… if you are serving me, you will have a slave page where I will leave you assignments/rules/demands…& past blogs have also been linked as well.

K, that’s about it… don’t forget to VOTE & buy my clips4sale clips & keep me RICH! =]

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