Princess’ Holiday Traditions
December 24th, 2010 at 12:11 PM

The holiday season is the BEST time of the year! I just wanted to share MY holiday traditions & how I do things in my world.

Thanksgiving – I usually cook a turkey & a bunch of other delicious food… and then put the tree up along with lights! Unfortunately, this year I was in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and I didn’t have a tree until about 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, but that’s okay… I got the eco-friendly artificial tree I had been eying since October =] ALSO, I collect snowmen, so each year I buy a new snowman for myself… this year it was this guy:

Christmas Eve – On Christmas Eve, one present is opened & then we watch a Christmas movie… it’s pretty simple. *LoL*

Christmas Day – I usually play Santa, so I get up around 5AM and stuff the stockings & put the main gifts out. I don’t wrap “Santa’s” presents… cuz he’s pulling them out of his bag! DUH! I always thought it was weird when I was younger and my friend’s gifts from “Santa” were wrapped… WHO does that?! that’s not exciting at all… after that I go back to sleep or stay up. AND when everyone is up – we open gifts and take pix…then around 8AM, I make breakfast… then lay around all day in pajamas!

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