pottery barrrrrn
July 22nd, 2011 at 4:16 PM

By now, everyone should know how stingy I am with my OWN money. I hate paying for something that a SLAVE could buy for me. So I’ve been saving my pottery barn gift cards up for a second Black Palmetto Wicker Chair for my patio and after sissy slave mike sent a $100 e-card last night I had enough in gift cards to buy it (tax+ s/h $355.00) so I just purchased it and I’m excited to complete the furniture part of my patio look :) It’s an accomplished feeling! UGH! Now moving onto the NEXT big item… which will be the 7D DSLR camera on my amazon wishlist and then after that, I want the 17″ macbook pro. I need both of those items for school since I’m majoring in media production. Start sending me those amazon gift certificates!

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