June 29th, 2011 at 7:36 PM

Saving isn’t hard for me to do because I get mostly everything I want from my BITCHE$$$$$! BUT, because most of my slaves are middle class working men, I understand that they have to save up to buy me the BIG items. So instead, I’m having them just send me gift cards so that they don’t spend MY money on anything stupid. I know how you idiots get…

The items that I’m currently saving my gift cards for are…

Crate & Barrel – Spotlight Ebony Desk – $499.00

Crate & Barrel – Paterson Black Bookcase – $299.00

Crate & Barrel – Memphis Stone Rug – $899.00

But, I’m kind of waiting it out to see if/when I’m moving back to Idaho because I am very OCD about scratching any of my furniture and black gets scratched very easily…annoying.

The next thing sissy slave mike will be buying me is this bad boy – Crate & Barrel – Keller Vase which will be seated next to the bookcase like they have it in the bookcase picture :)

Here is the first $100.00 GC sissy slave mike sent to me…keep them coming!

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