email via virgin slave chris
June 22nd, 2011 at 2:21 PM

Princess Jersey,

i have become even more of a loser since we last talked. My pathetic unemployed ass has attempted to resist the temptation of YOUR amazing video clips, as YOU know i love YOUR lacquer clips and just noticed that i am behind in my clip viewing. i had all of YOUR lacquer clips but now see YOU have added:

Do the Jerk!
I Own YOUR Stupid Girlfriend Now
Jerk Off Boy – 1,2,3 Blast Off
Addiction Fatale in Lacquer

i don’t think i’ll be able to resist these videos much longer. Even the girlfriend one even though i’m still a single virgin who never has a girlfriend.

i’m worried about being tempted to view the ones of YOU in Levis and velour – if i ever start watching them, i’ll have a whole new set of addictions.

YOU are so perfect that YOUR videos are unable to be resisted.

humbly, virgin slave, Jerseyist addict

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