January 1st, 2011 at 6:23 PM

So a few people have already contacted me asking where I moved some things from my website, so I decided to make a blog entry letting you know what has changed on my website:

Website Changes - I really felt like my prior layout had WAY too much on it. I am really not one for clutter and believe less is more. Plus, I feel like the Financial Domination scene has really been cheapened by girls who give too many things away for FREE. Remember when Dommes hardly ever had videos of themselves up for free on their websites? NOW, almost everyone has to put free incentives up just because a cam girl wants to convert to domination and dilute the true meaning of FINANCIAL SLAVERY. Slaves should be pleasing US, not the other way around…

If you are a MONEY SLAVE – you should respect the Princess/Goddess you are serving & pay for honor of viewing pictures and watching videos. This is one of the reasons I don’t have a youtube.com account anymore (plus it kept getting flagged) but if you want it…pay for it! I will still be posting some preview videos for marketing/promotional purposes every once in awhile for my clips4sale & members website.

Anyway, back to website changes/updates…
*Twitter widget moved to the Daily Addiction blog
*Car & House Fund added & will be updated frequently
*Tribute & Sessions pages updated. Session prices have changed.
*Adopt-a-Bill information updated
*Removed gifts received (All gifts can be viewed on the blogs)
*Updated Luxury Wishlist
*Free Foot Pictures removed (posted on the blog I’m being generous)

Daily Addiction Blog - I’ve cleaned the menu up… you will find the most important links listed… if you are serving me, you will have a slave page where I will leave you assignments/rules/demands…& past blogs have also been linked as well.

K, that’s about it… don’t forget to VOTE & buy my clips4sale clips & keep me RICH! =]

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