sissy slave mimi – tag teamed… again.
June 3rd, 2011 at 12:29 PM

The first time sissy slave mimi was tag teamed by my friend Princess Kimberly – she made $50 + $100 crate and barrel gift card… this morning, she blackmailed him for $180.00…remember that I get whatever she gets, regardless if I’m participating or not!

Anyway, he now owes me $330.00 CASH. I’m thinking that he can just by the phone I want online for me and then I’ll add the remaining debt to his “total current debt” balance…his brain is getting turned to mush and he’s getting confused and this way he will be able to understand his FEES and FINES!

So loser – let’s re-cap what you will be required to pay and/or do on our next outing (June 13th):

» $1,000.00 June Tribute
» Buy the nightstand

A few weeks later you will be paying my car payment of $250.00 by 6/25 – or you can add the phone debt and car payment to the June tribute so it’s a one-time fee. You will then be giving me $1,580.00 on June 13th… let me know via text which option you are going to do.

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