super sissy slave mimi’s text update
June 1st, 2011 at 1:55 AM

For those of you who are too lazy to read what I keep adding up… every time sissy slave mimi gets a text message from me, it costs him $3.00… sometimes he craves “financial raping” and will send me a message begging for attention and “rape” which means I converse with him and the texts add up that way. Another way he gets raped is when *I* just feel like raping him and I bombard him with text messages and they REALLY add up. Sometime he begs for mercy, which means he has to bribe me in some type of way for me to stop the raping… either way it always ends up in my favor. Tonight I bombarded him with texts… adding all of tonights texts up, the total comes to…

104 x $3.00 = $312.00

Also, for those of you who wonder what “total current debt” means… sissy slave mimi is a trusted R/T slave and I literally own his ass. Literally. So he is allowed to have a running tab of credit. He always comes through and for the most part is very obedient. Other slaves (besides sissy slave mimi and thumbelina) are not allowed to have “credit” with me – these are the only two who have proved themselves to me. I have planned out a budget for sissy slave mimi to abide by so that he can budget and know exactly where his finances with me stands. So far, he has done everything I have asked of him and given me everything I have wanted from him – so good job SLUT!

Total Current Debt: $5,374.00

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