raped, controlled, owned.
May 27th, 2011 at 12:07 AM

No other slave of mine BEGS to be raped more than sissy slave mimi! He literally cannot get enough…he’s addicted…as he should be! DUH!!!! He’s so lucky to even have met me and spend time around me… of course he PAYS for it. Hard.

102 x $3.00 = $306.00

He was a good boy today, he bought my boyfriend a pair of Nike shoes – his other ones are ‘dirty’ – and you know my bf cannot be walking around with dirty shoes! Anyway… the running balance for sissy slave mimi issssssss…

Total Current Balance: $4,927.00

WOW, almost 5k! Well, let’s go through and do some math so that you won’t “freak out” so bad…

After you pay for the following: $280.00 (night stand), $2,600.00 (LED TV), & $600.00 (July rent) your balance will *only* be $1,447.00… and YES, I said pay my JULY RENT – that’s what I decided you are going to pay for in July.

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