2 More Days!
May 12th, 2011 at 8:56 PM

2 more days until I’m back in Atlanta… I’m starting to get sad because I got attached to this little guest bedroom (I’ll take pix before I go) and the wonderful Boise weather. It was cold as heck, but now the weather is in the 80′s with a slight breeze…. it’s great :)

Anywayyyy, last night sissy slave mimi sent me like 13 texts in a row talking about how desperate he is and wanted to be RAPED! His favorite thing to do at night! I charged $5.00 per text and he racked them up…

53 x $5.00 = $265.00

I win, you lose! Let’s do it again…

Total Current Debt: $3,257.00

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