8 Days!
March 14th, 2011 at 2:57 PM

1 week and 1 day until I fly back ‘home’… I miss Idaho everyday, but today, my dad sent me some pictures that made me really miss it because it’s just so pretty there – personal opinion. I like the openness of it… I feel so claustrophobic in Atlanta – all y’all know how much I hate it here. Right now I’m in limbo between either moving in the Fall (in time for Fall ’11 Semester) or staying another year and renting a house and just doing online classes until then. I guess I’ll make my mind up by the time I get back from Boise. I hate not knowing things, I like to plan and have goals. I’m a control freak =] ::: Not only do I control your cock & cash… but I control your LIFE! *evil laugh*

Anyway, the follow is a picture taken from my balcony of the tree in bloom & the others are of New Plymouth, ID which is about an hour from Boise, almost to Oregon.

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