Thursday Already?
February 24th, 2011 at 3:18 PM

This week is going by so FAST! Which reminds me, I have homework I HAVE to finish today…then I have an exam I have to take, plus a quiz… super gay.

Anyway, I managed to re-do – I am going with the clean look. Keeping it simple and easy to navigate for you idiots. A lot of you get overwhelmed with visual decor and lose the ability to function… Now all you have to do it enter, join, pay, and you are IN! I will make a post when the members area is completed and ready for you to sign up! So again, for the 27th time… stop asking me if it’s up yet!

you-know-who pay date is tomorrow. He owes me $250.00, I sent him an invoice for it, so if he is LATE again this month… all of his stuff will either a.) stay up OR b.) he pays a fine to have it removed

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