It’s Wednesday!
February 9th, 2011 at 8:57 AM

Wednesday is “hump day” – but we all know you do NO humping with anyone… except for with your hand… HAAAA!

Anyway, I woke up hella early (9:45am) today which is unusual for me, but the sun has been coming up earlier and waking me up. Actually, for the past month – the sun was hardly out because of the gray and gloomy skies, but this week the skies has been blue…but still cold. It hasn’t been over 50 degrees in over a week! And the forecast is saying it “might” snow late tonight/early morning tomorrow. Keep in mind, they shut the whole city down with the “threat” of snow happening here. But all next week, it’s supposed to be over 50 degrees which means I get to workout EVERY day! I love working out!  I don’t go to a gym here, everything is done outdoors – so the weather is a crucial part of my sanity.

Speaking of sanity, I was SUCH a bitch to my bf last night after he ate my food! I was looking forward to eating my leftover goulash (it’s better the second day to me) and I got out of the shower and walked into the kitchen and he’s standing against the counter just eating the fuck outta this plate of goulash. I stopped in my tracks and was like “I hope you left some for me…” – he stopped chewing and handed me his plate and I was like “You ate it ALL!?”

…After that, I don’t know what I did. All I know is that I threw my hands up in the air and told him that he ruined my life. I am very emotional over things I’m looking forward to. I said “I’m going to have to eat fucking RAISIN BRAN! THANKS. A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” and then slammed my door. I admit, I’m such a brat and pouter – but that’s how I get! It’s who I am, I own it. After seething for an hour, I was still pretty mad, but he came into the room to go to bed and pulled the covers over his whole head and I said “I hope you suffocate.” — WTF!? I’m pure evil! …BUT, about 10 mins. later I was like “…I didn’t mean that…but I meant everything else I said…” Hopefully he learned his lesson. He KNEW I was going to eat it too. That’s why I’m not sorry.

So yeahhhhh – that’s how my night went. I prob. woke up early because I’m HUNGRY! *LoL*Anyway, it’s time to go workout and THEN go to the leasing office to pick up some packages. I HATE going there. They always act like you are bothering them when you go in…the door chimes when you walk in the door – but they always look at each other like “are you going to help her?…” and they do it for anyone who walks in the office. They are either lazy or racist…

Remember when you message me on Yahoo Messenger: Tributes = Attention!

Alright bitches, I’m OUT!

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