January 12th, 2011 at 10:24 PM

It’s literally been a SNOW WEEK – Atlanta is still shut down over the FOUR inches of snow we got on late Sunday Night… Mostly everything is closed except for a few grocery stores who only stay open for a few HOURS. Even the MARTA Bus System & POST OFFICE is still closed! So the mailmen are loving it this week… until they have 4 times as much mail to deliver tomorrow. I think tomorrow more things are supposed to open up… I haven’t drove anywhere this week, nor have I really went outside. It’s almost impossible to WALK because the fucking apartment complex has not shoveled or put rock salt or sand anywhere except for random spots on the street the day after it snowed (as seen in the pictures). I really feel like I’m living amongst incompetent idiots. If you are one of those Georgians, I feel sorry for you – but it’s true! UGHHHH! So annoyed. Also, suzette sent me a $50.00 pottery barn GC for “attention”… he’s such a whore.

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