January 11th, 2011 at 12:40 AM

Hey freaks! It snowed 4″ Sunday night, so I have really bad cabin fever right now. The roads are HORRIBLE and the leasing office people didn’t even come to WORK today nor did anyone shovel ANY of the sidewalks! Can we say “lawsuit” – in most states, it’s illegal to not shovel your walkway – especially at a public place. So if an old lady going to checks her mailbox falls on her ASS – be ready to pay up, because a lot of elderly have brittle bones… I should write them a nice anonymous email. I seriously hate the office. They had a package from last FEBRUARY in the backroom and were like “We just found this when we were going through the storage room” I’m like, “REALLY?!!?! …fuck you guys!” – they were just shoes, but there has been 2 other times that a floor cleaner was delivered and signed for according to UPS, but when I went to the office to get it, they couldn’t find it and were like “sorry about that” — WHAT?! You fucking STOLE my floor cleaner. I know for a fact someone did because those big items get delivered in their original boxes vs. the brown kind… STANK HOES! …Luckily was nice enough to resend one…

I still hadn’t vented from those incidents… it’s good to get stuff like that out of you =]

OH, so anyway – to the winners of ebanned… the items will be sent off at the end of this week when the roads are clear, because I am NOT risking my life for a pair of panties and socks… The videos/assignments will be done by tomorrow and emailed!

I love this song… Ciara needs to regroup and make good music again…

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