December 11th, 2011 at 1:28 AM

loser – I told you MULTIPLE TIMES not to be late on payments… how many times were you late? I’d say over 40% of the time. On the last video I sent to you, I told you if you were late on the last and final payment, that your payment schedule (to keep the embarrassing naked video & info down off my blog, website, twitter…) would be extended for TWO MORE YEARS. Payment was due the 3rd & when I contacted you to tell you it was due – you said you didn’t have the money to pay and that you couldn’t pay it until December 14th… well, that sounds like you VIOLATED THE TERMS! If you don’t whine, I’m willing to make a deal with you… if you catch an attitude… well then the next 2 years will be very painful for you.

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