November 16th, 2011 at 6:46 PM

I have been busy being ME all this month (duh!) and haven’t had much time to really update my blog. I have been being a social butterfly & hanging out with friends more than usual. Must be the nice weather! Fall is the best time of the year in Atlanta, the air isn’t humid… the weather is in the mid 60′s to 70′s – it’s awesome. But now that Christmas is approaching – I want SNOW! Luckily, I’ll be going to Idaho (u da ho) for Christmas and part of January and there is a great possibility of getting a white Christmas! YUSSSS!

BTW – have you been SAVING for my Christmas presents?! Stop being greedy boys, tiz the season of GIVING! This month, we give THANKS to the Princess… next month we GIVE… LOTS! *tehehehe* …What do *I* want for Christmas you ask?? Not much really… I have a ton of stuff and since I do NOT like nick-knacks, the items I want are just expensive… actually, they aren’t even that bad this year! Lucky for you guys… here is my 2011 Christmas List:

♦ iPhone 4s (sissy slave mimi)

♦ Nike Sneakers (who’s buying?)

♦ Coach Bag (details coming soon)

♦ Unlimited Amounts of Crate & Barrel GC’s!


Okay what else… last week sissy slave mimi deposited $225 into my bank account (he’s so in debt with me)  – and THIS Friday is payday which means it’s time for him to deposit his bi-weekly $100.00 payday money into my account! WoooOOOoO :)

ALSOOOOOOOOOO – a new boy I named suey (aka pig loser) sent me $80.00 to pay my cell phone bill… he’s starting small and building up to taking on more bills *smile*

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