34 days in chastity! *LoL*
September 25th, 2011 at 12:03 PM

sissy slave mike played an evil game with me about 2 months ago and is now finally getting around to “doing time” and suffering in chastity for 34 days! I love it! Other than being locked up for over a month… he will be buying me a gift card which will contributing to the Crate & Barrel Spotlight Ebony Filing Cabinet that I want (it matches my new wonderful desk I recently bought)… how many days will it take for him to start begging for the key back? *LoL*

ALSO… sissy slave mimi has to pay the Comcast Cable bill that I assigned to him… no excuses loser. And the $500.00 that you’re depositing into my bank account next week does NOT count towards it. And topDORK has to pay the $80.00 cell bill like usual…

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