*thumbelina’s to-buy list*

February 24th, 2012

Crate & Barrel – Rings 16 oz. Glasses (6 of them)

Crate & Barrel – Ring 12 oz. Glasses (6 of them)

Crate & Barrel – 3-Piece OXO Round Containers

*NEW* Ebanned Auction

February 19th, 2012

Sexxxilicious Purple Leopard Print Thong

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*NEW* Ebanned Auction

February 15th, 2012

Colorful *Love Pink* Cheeky Panties

::: Bidding Starts At $15.00 – Bid Now! :::

*NEW* Ebanned Auction

February 13th, 2012

Hot Pink Leopard Print Panties

I’ve also made a short 1 minute clip of me in the panties and posted on clips4sale for you to buy!


::: Auction Starts At $15.00 – Click To Bid Now! :::

Crate & Barrel – White Pillar 4×6 (3 of them)
Crate & Barrel – Trix Candleholder
Crate & Barrel – Pixie Candleholder
Crate & Barrel – Piper Small Candleholder
Crate & Barrel – Piper Large Candleholder
Crate & Barrel – Clear Cupped White Tealights
Crate & Barrel – Taylor Large Hurricane

Feeling The ♥ In February

February 9th, 2012

I’ve been feeling the ♥ from my favorite slaves this month and it’s only February 9th! One boy in particular is really shining through and making his way up the top 5 slave ranks, for sure! I’ll call him supercuck… I sent him a link to my Victoria’s Secret wishlist and he replied via email letting me know that he had bought EVERYTHING on it which was a total and pleasant surprise! You know how I *LOVE* to be spoiled!

To top it off with sugar on top, he sent me $500.00 which included payment from 2 ebanned auctions and then $400.00 for my Valentines Day/Night and the rights to buy my panties from that night :) *hehehe* Take notes, boys! This is how you treat a Princess!


February 9th, 2012

Just an update so that I can clear out some emails :)

slave thumbelina paid my monthly car insurance bill, he does such a good job – he doesn’t even have to have me remind him anymore and just – does his job!

What else… oh sissy slave mimi has been extra desperate lately… he used to have a porn block on his computer, but his porn block has expired and is working in my favor because he starts perving around online and then craves my humiliation and mind-fuckery! *hahahahahahahahaha* Anyway, he owes me $100.00 from last week, $150.00 for next weeks bi-weekly payday tribute, and then last night I called him and counted him down ($10.00 per number) and that cost him $100.00… so next Friday when we meet up, he will be paying $350.00 in cash… and if his tax return comes in by then, he owes another $500.00…. he loves me.

I also had him send me a $30.00 TGIFriday’s gift cert. because I don’t feel like cooking tonight :)

*NEW* Ebanned Auction

February 8th, 2012

Colorful Numbers Thong

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I’m Back!

February 6th, 2012

I’ve been MIA from posting on my blog because I was in Boise for nearly 2 freaking months… I’m so glad to be back and have my own bed and all of my things! I didn’t pack for a 2-month stay… I packed for a 2-WEEK stay! So I was like “uhhh, ok I guess I’ll wear THIS again…”

Anyway, *thumbelina* sent me a $50.00 gift cert. for Planet Beach, but for a 10-session package, it was $87… so you need to reimburse me loser, because $50.00 was not enough!

Speaking of slave thumbelina, he is currently on skype with me right now doing somersaults *LoL*… I’m making him beg for a few items of mine… he’s def. a HUGE loser ;)

Ok, that’s all for now – I need to go shower and I want to try the WEN intensive hair mask that I got from one of my favorite slaves!

*NEW* Ebanned Auction

February 2nd, 2012

Like I said before, it’s out with the old panties to make room for all things NEW! I deserve it! You are lucky that I put my used items up for auction so that you can own something that I’ve worn and touched!

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