Happy Halloween!

October 31st, 2011

Happy Halloween! I didn’t dress up for anything this year… but next year, I’m thinking of being a sexy girl scout :)

Anyway, I checked my mail and the foot slave who bought my ped-egg foot dust payment had arrived!

Loser, I’m going to relist the foot dust and make you pay for it again! *LoL*

Ok, I’m off to the store to get some groceries so that I can make some french toast! YUM! If you didn’t know… I’m a FABULOUS cook in the kitchen… I’m pretty much good at everything I do :)

Crate & Barrel – Homemade Cookie Jar

Crate & Barrel – Egg Crate (2 of them)

Crate & Barrel – Brunswick Soup Pot

Crate & Barrel – Porcelain Ladle


Aerie Peek-a-Boo Sweater – Size Medium/Heather Grey

Aerie Snow Crew – Size Small/Peacock

AE Shelf Cami – Size Medium/Plum

AE Shelf Cami – Size Medium/Blue


words with friends update

October 17th, 2011

Just an update for bitchfaceslut to remind him that I won once again by 65 points… making this game $130.00

Game 4= Princess Jersey (382-362)

Making this game $34.00

I heart being ME

October 16th, 2011

Ever wonder what it’s like being ME? Well, you’ll never know… but FYI, it’s GREAT…

I’m in an especially great mood today because the Excelsior Print that I’ve been eying on Crate & Barrel’s website will finally be mine in about a week and a half! I saved$460.00 in gift cards within about 2 weeks and ordered the print today :) Go look at how cute it is!

The next thing that I want is this: Jenny Antiqued Silver Table Lamp

words with friends

October 13th, 2011

I’ve been playing “words with friends” (WWF) on my iPod touch with bitchfaceslut (aka slave mimi) and the terms of the game are: if he wins, he gets nothing… but if *I* win, I get 2x the amount I won by :) *hahahahaha* life isn’t fair when you are a loser is it?? I love being a girl… we have it SO EASY!

Game 1 = bitchfaceslut (I don’t remember the score)
Game 2 = Princess Jersey (score: 505-360)

Total Current WWF Debt: $290

ALSO…Today is FRIDAY which means PAYDAY, which means pathetic mimi gets to deposit $100.00 into my bank account! EVERY payday, he will be putting $100.00 into my account (which means he gets one jerk session a week unless he wants to pay an extra $50.00 per jerk for cum tax)

Bidding Starts At $10.00 – BID NOW!

I have been slacking on posting because I actually have a SOCIAL LIFE… do you? Don’t lie.

Anyway, in August I assigned my car insurance bill to slave thumbelina and he’s paid the last 2 months like a good little tiny 3-inch dick slave :)

That’s all for today… just wanted to update! *LoL*

The panties from my “So Fresh ‘N So Clean” video are now up for bid on ebanned!

Bidding starts at $10.00 – BID NOW!

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