Loser, your job is to budgetyour lifestyle and sacrifice for MINE! So in October… your job will be to pay for my Electric Bill ($100.00) and Car Insurance ($75.00) again…

AND to buy me this: Crate & Barrel – Nest Weave Oval Basket (I have a 10% discount code, ask me for it when you are ordering)

34 days in chastity! *LoL*

September 25th, 2011

sissy slave mike played an evil game with me about 2 months ago and is now finally getting around to “doing time” and suffering in chastity for 34 days! I love it! Other than being locked up for over a month… he will be buying me a gift card which will contributing to the Crate & Barrel Spotlight Ebony Filing Cabinet that I want (it matches my new wonderful desk I recently bought)… how many days will it take for him to start begging for the key back? *LoL*

ALSO… sissy slave mimi has to pay the Comcast Cable bill that I assigned to him… no excuses loser. And the $500.00 that you’re depositing into my bank account next week does NOT count towards it. And topDORK has to pay the $80.00 cell bill like usual…

Bidding Starts at $10.00 – Go HERE To Bid Now!

Look at that face of an angel! :)

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Buy it now! (Mandatory for sissy slave mike)

Re-listed at a lower price


Hypno-Recording Snippet

September 9th, 2011

The following is a snippet from a hypno-recording I made for sissy slave mimi – he LOVE$ to be raped by ME!

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If you would like a personalized hypno-recording too, the price for that will be $25.00 (3-4 minutes)

Email me princess@princessjersey.com for more information…

At My Boots! (Boot/Foot Fetish Video)

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Loser, the $150.00 that you put into my account last week does not count towards your September fees! So, to recap once again…

::: September :::
» Previous Tag-Team Fee (From June) – $80.00
» Tag-Team Fee (From June) – $150.00
» $1,500.00+ Tribute
» $150.00 – Amazon.com Gift E-Certificate
» $100.00 – Comcast Cable (you can pay this online)

Buy MY Clips4Sale Videos!!!

September 5th, 2011

Stop being so fucking CHEAP! The most annoying slaves are the wankers who message or email me asking “which video is the best one to buy” they are ALL the BEST!!! So buy all of them! Or the losers asking, “May I have permission to purchase one of your videos?” – STOP asking for permission to buy videos that I already tell you to buy on my blog, twitter, and on clips4sale… if it says “BUY NOW” you need to BUY NOW… IDIOTS!

Go buy the video I just listed, “White Jean Shorts & Tan Legs”


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