June 29th, 2011

Saving isn’t hard for me to do because I get mostly everything I want from my BITCHE$$$$$! BUT, because most of my slaves are middle class working men, I understand that they have to save up to buy me the BIG items. So instead, I’m having them just send me gift cards so that they don’t spend MY money on anything stupid. I know how you idiots get…

The items that I’m currently saving my gift cards for are…

Crate & Barrel – Spotlight Ebony Desk – $499.00

Crate & Barrel – Paterson Black Bookcase – $299.00

Crate & Barrel – Memphis Stone Rug – $899.00

But, I’m kind of waiting it out to see if/when I’m moving back to Idaho because I am very OCD about scratching any of my furniture and black gets scratched very easily…annoying.

The next thing sissy slave mike will be buying me is this bad boy – Crate & Barrel – Keller Vase which will be seated next to the bookcase like they have it in the bookcase picture :)

Here is the first $100.00 GC sissy slave mike sent to me…keep them coming!

Last Week Of June!

June 29th, 2011

It’s the last week of June – only 2 more months of Summer left?! WTF. It’s going by way too fast, when I was little I swear that Summers seemed to go on forever! Summer is probably my favorite season because of my BIRTHDAY! So, start saving because AUGUST 17th is JERSEYISM DAY and I want CA$H tributes and prezzies! I’m a greedy leo :)

I just joined a brand new gym that opened Monday, it’s sooo nice and up to my standards! I’m already so sore from working out – I go hard in the gym. I used to belong to CRUNCH fitness, which went bankrupt a year and a half ago – so I’ve just been working out with my weights and going running outdoors. I’ve got a lot of “hater” emails from big time jealous wankers who like to tell me I’m getting fat or “you are ugly as hell now” but it makes me laugh because they are so ignorant. I have a hormone deficiency so my weight fluctuates a lot. To put it into words that you can understand, my body cant convert glucose to energy, so instead it stores it. Which pisses me off, because I could be on an all fruit and vegetable diet and it would be very hard for me to lose any weight because of the sugar in the fruit. Also, I’m Insulin Resistant… If you don’t know what that is – Insulin is a hormone central to regulating carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body… SO, that is why you see my weight fluctuate… keep in mind that I’m 5’1″ and even 5 lbs is a drastic change on my body… but, weight lifting actually helps me lose more weight than cardio. Muscle uses/burns more calories!

ANYWAY – sissy slave mimi was weak the other night and wanted a raping… Kimberly and I ended up tag-teaming him and now he owes us $100.00 Crate&Barrel gift cards ASAP! He also deposited $100.00 cash into my bank account yesterday from the last tag-team rape!

slave mike’s chastity key

June 22nd, 2011

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Princess Jersey,

i have become even more of a loser since we last talked. My pathetic unemployed ass has attempted to resist the temptation of YOUR amazing video clips, as YOU know i love YOUR lacquer clips and just noticed that i am behind in my clip viewing. i had all of YOUR lacquer clips but now see YOU have added:

Do the Jerk!
I Own YOUR Stupid Girlfriend Now
Jerk Off Boy – 1,2,3 Blast Off
Addiction Fatale in Lacquer

i don’t think i’ll be able to resist these videos much longer. Even the girlfriend one even though i’m still a single virgin who never has a girlfriend.

i’m worried about being tempted to view the ones of YOU in Levis and velour – if i ever start watching them, i’ll have a whole new set of addictions.

YOU are so perfect that YOUR videos are unable to be resisted.

humbly, virgin slave, Jerseyist addict

Bidding starts at $20.00

For the last cam session we did… buy the top 3 items on my wishlist!



June 19th, 2011

sissy slave mimi’s wife was out of town ALL week & like I said on a previous post, I intended on RAPING THE FUCK OUT OF HIM by charging him $5.00 per text message that I send him. Now, because it was a whole week of charges, I decided to be fair and only message him after he had initiated conversation…

Saturday → 92 X $5.00 = $460.00

Sunday → 8 x $5.00 = $40.00

Monday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Tuesday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Wednesday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Thursday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

Friday → 20 x $5.00 = $100.00

I decided to round M-F to 20 because I raped him so hard last weekend *hahahahaha* Anyway, he still owes me a $125.00 Crate&Barrel GC for this past weekend ($50.00 cum tax & $75.00 tag-team fee)…

Time to add it all up and see what his total current texting debt is!!!! *drum roll*

Total Current Debt: $6,950.00


June 17th, 2011

TGIF LOSERS! I’m actually in a bad mood because the maitenence somehow refuses to aknowledge my maitenence requests to fix the A/C and it’s been 2 weeks…3 requests… nothing. Someone is not doing their job. I intend to write the owners about this – actually I’m going to have sissy slave mimi do it since he’s my BITCH! *LoL*

Speaking of sissy slave mimi, he was ignored big time a few days ago – I would received a text from him and just delete it. And then laugh at how desperate he was becoming. It was partly because he was not being responsible and lost his mind during the ‘tag-team’ raping and spent too much money… resulting in the inability to pay for a few things that I had schedule for him (one important bill being my July Rent payment, due 7/2) and instead has to wait until the middle of July to pay me back for being late. ANYWAY, in mimi’s desperate attempts for attention and raping, he offered $150.00 more so that will deduct from what he was not able to pay this month. He deposited the $150.00 into my bank account this afternoon.

Here is the screen shot of that… I know you wankers like to see it and get jealous of my paying slaves…

Anyway – tonight I’m not really doing anything. I’m probably going to make a few videos for my clips4sale store www.financialdominatrix.net and then watch NetFlix! It’s supposed to storm tonight… it already stormed once… and I’m fine with storms because I have the windows open all the way – helping to cool down my apartment.

moneypak man

June 17th, 2011

The slave “moneypak man” who comes and goes finally showed up online Wednesday night… he actually bet me that the Chicago Bulls would win a game when the playoffs were on, and that particular game – they lost! So, I forgot what the betting terms were… but he ended up fucking himself by getting too confident and LOST his bet, owing me $415.00. He was supposed to pay me the NEXT day and never showed up online! That was May 24th… So he finally comes online a few nights ago saying he owes me money (claiming that he’s been on and hasn’t seen me on, yeah right – you weren’t looking hard enough & I told you to email me in the first place) and had a $215.00 greendot/moneypak – half of what he owes me. So because greendot takes a fee to use an ATM, I was only able to take $210.00 out… he WAS supposed to come online last night (Thursday) to pay me a $100.00 worship tribute but never came online… and tonight he is supposed to be online with the rest of my bet money! YOU BETTER SHOW UP LOSER! You currently owe me $300.00…pay your debts! And make sure you add $5 for the ATM fee BITCH!

Here is a screen shot of when I deposited the greendot money into my account…

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Jerk-Off Instructional “Do The Jerk”

*NEW Video* “The Pits”

June 14th, 2011

Armpit Fetish Video

::: May :::
» RTG Dresser – $599 + tax *PURCHASED*

::: June :::

» $1,000.00 Tribute
» Car Payment – $250.00 (due by 6/25)
» Tag-Team Fee – $250 of $330.00 paid

::: July :::
» July Rent Payment – $600.00
» Previous Tag-Team Fee – $80.00
» Tag-Team Fee – $150.00

::: August :::

» Samsung 55″ LCD-LED TV – $2,599.99 + tax

::: September :::

» $1,500.00 Tribute
» California Vacation Hotel Fees **

::: October :::

» October Rent Payment – $600.00 (Due by 10/2)

** you (slave sissy mimi) & sissy slave mike will be splitting the cost of my California vacation hotel fees. Luckily, my boyfriend has a friend who can get us Westin & W Hotels for a discounted price!


::: Remember that TRIBUTES don’t count towards your TEXTING debt! :::

Your Type.

June 13th, 2011

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Go buy it now bitches! http://www.clips4sale.com/store/16413

Updates From The Weekend!

June 13th, 2011

I met up with sissy slave mimi at this super gay male strip club called “swinging richards”  and he was wearing lip stick when I got there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! So anyway, when we went in all these gay guys were “dancing” on this long stage in their underwear and 3 songs later they were naked! I was like “EWWWWWWWWW!” in my head because NOTHING is hot about a guys wrinkled up ball sack & dick – nor will it EVER be! I told mimi that I would only go in for 30 minutes and it had been past 30 minutes and his ass had still not gotten up the balls to ask a stripper for his “cock dance” – so *I* had to ask. I picked this cute puerto rican guy with a bubble butt, because I knew mimi likes trannys and a bubble butt was the closet thing to a tranny that he was going to get. So for a whole song, a stripper grinding and rubbed his junk all over mimi, it was hilarious! EXCEPT, mimi didn’t stick to the strip of being a gay guy and instead told the stripper that I was his mistress and I was making him do it because it was his fantasy. Stupid… after that, we left… and he paid me $300.00 cuz that was the deal for me to come in with him.

So TODAY, he texts me saying he can’t make it to dinner/night stand shopping because he has to take his dog out after work (poor excuse) but he has $1,500.00 for me and it’s all he has until his next “deal” from work but he can deposit that into my bank account today… WELL, he obviously got out of control this month because as you all know – I pre-planned his budget from a few MONTHS ago! He KNEW exactly what he had to pay me but instead he wanted to do tag-teaming this weekend and extra raping. Now he is REALLY in debt with me – PLUS,  this week is $5.00 texting and it isn’t even close to being over – I know he’s going to crave “rape” via text more than once this week.

So this month, he was supposed to pay me $1000.00 tribute, $250.00 car payment, $250 night stand, and $330.00 tag-team rape (not counting the new $150.00 tag-team rape he owes from this past weekend)

ANYWAY, his ass had the girly-balls to ask if I was still going to come over Wednesday, which was originally going to be RT where he was going to pay me $500.00 cash and then I’d probably end up getting whatever else I wanted from him via his credit card…instead, he just wanted to cook me dinner! He was like “you know you’ll have fun”….BAHAHAHA!!!! We are NOT dating BITCH! So my answer is FUCK NO …and I can’t wait until Kimberly comes into town so we can FUCK YOU UP!

Your revised payment/gifting schedule will be posted shortly…

Go sign up, BITCHES! → www.BrattyAmerican.com

Clips4Sale Teaser Preview

June 10th, 2011

…Gotta love Muddy Waters ♥

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I am going through a long list of emails and doing some custom requests…

I’ve had a few requests for hand videos. So here you go!!!


At CB2 Get Me….

Aluminum Coasters

Tower Shot Glass ( 4 of them)


At Crate & Barrel Get Me…

$100.00 Gift Card


Due by 6/17/2011 ♥



Hollister List For MiMi

June 10th, 2011

» Ocean Beach T-Shirt – White/Medium

» Fountain Valley – Grey/Medium

» Bay Shore – Turquoise/Medium


Bidding starts at $10.00 – Go Bid NOW!

Listed Today →  Colorful Candy Striped G-String

I was doing some closet purging and forgot about all of those panties I was going to start selling!

So, I decided to start listing 2 pair a week. All panties must go, out with the old & in with the new!

Listed Today → Pastel Blue Mesh Thong – Starting Bid $15.00

The winning bidder will receive a video of me in the panties for auctions over $50.00

See that those tan lines?

“Wax Balls” CBT Video

June 8th, 2011

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Usually when sissy slave mimi is being “financially raped” by me, each text I send him is $3.00… Starting this Saturday when he has his house all to himself for a week – I already know that he will be DESPERATE, so all text messages will be $5.00 EACH starting this Saturday through NEXT weekend. *LoL*

As for tonight, he sent me like 17 texts begging for a “raping”… so… of course I did :)

79 x $3.00 = $237.00

$237.00 within 10 minutes? He’s SO easy!

Total Current Debt: $5,950.00

Buy My Clips4Sale Videos!

June 7th, 2011



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