sissy raping.

May 31st, 2011

sissy slave mimi was disobedient today – therefore he was punished by a HARD raping to night which will continue into the morning. He will not be sleeping tonight!!!

So here is what’s going to happen in order to get back on my good side and have the raping subside this week so that he can ‘rest’ before his job interview this Friday…

His June pay/gifting schedule that was already in place is as follows:

::: June :::
» $1,000.00 Tribute
» ZGallerie Night Stand – $499 + tax

NOW he will ALSO be paying me $150 towards the cell phone I want..PLUS my car payment ($250.00) due by 6/25… ALSO, per my recent blog post “raped, controlled, owned.” – Don’t forget that you are paying my JULY RENT (Due by July 2nd) which is $600.00… you BETTER make those deals happen ASAP! :)

Puked In My Mouth

May 30th, 2011

Finally a song that reflects how I feel when I go out and deal with losers like you

Happy Memorial Day

May 30th, 2011

sissy slave mimi was a good boy today and paid my Comcast (cable and internet) bill…

BUT tomorrow, sissy slave mike is sending me his chastity key in the mail for the FIRST time ever. This should be FUN!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaa! A lot of penis punishment is in store for him :) ANYWAY – here is a video that sissy slave mike made for me. *LoL*

before I forget…

May 29th, 2011

The cash tribute that sissy slave mimi gave me a few weeks ago…


May 29th, 2011

My crate and barrel stuff came! sissy slave mike bought it for me a few weeks ago and I wasn’t able to get the package from the office because I was out of town on vacation!!!!

sissy slave mike

May 29th, 2011

…you are to buy me the following:

Selenite Tealight Holders (2 small, 2 large)

Ship to my Atlanta mailing address! : )


May 29th, 2011

I want this & thumbelina is going to BUY it for me – start saving LOSER!

West Elm “Antique Tiled Floor Mirror”


May 28th, 2011

sissy slave mimi got tag teamed by my friend kimberly and I…he lost his mind over it. LOL!

45 x $3.00 = $135.00

I enjoy doing math when it involves the money I’m making : )

Total Current Balance: $5,062.00

I’m HOT!

May 27th, 2011

Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think to myself, “you’re parents did a good job making you”…

The one right above is an inside joke with a friend of mine who thinks I look native american… and yes I do have some of that indian blood in me…that’s probably why I can’t handle my liquor.


May 27th, 2011

I took some more vacay pix…I am going to miss all the palm trees and water. Atlanta has NONE of that. UGH! I hate even thinking about it… I leave today (Friday) & will be getting a jamba juice (strawberries wild) before hitting the road… it’s a 6-hour drive… it goes by pretty fast, but on the way here I was getting major motion sickness because of the way our crappy ass rental car drives… I HATE this car. Out of all the rental cars I’ve ever had, this one is the worst… wait… the chrysler 300 was pretty bad too…it had a “squirrely” wheel… the kind that feels really loose. This one smells like asian food because it’s leather… and just drives bad. It’s a Buick Lucerne aka “The Old Lady Car”… They didn’t have the Maxima/Altima I requested… I like those cars because of the super cold A/C!

raped, controlled, owned.

May 27th, 2011

No other slave of mine BEGS to be raped more than sissy slave mimi! He literally cannot get enough…he’s addicted…as he should be! DUH!!!! He’s so lucky to even have met me and spend time around me… of course he PAYS for it. Hard.

102 x $3.00 = $306.00

He was a good boy today, he bought my boyfriend a pair of Nike shoes – his other ones are ‘dirty’ – and you know my bf cannot be walking around with dirty shoes! Anyway… the running balance for sissy slave mimi issssssss…

Total Current Balance: $4,927.00

WOW, almost 5k! Well, let’s go through and do some math so that you won’t “freak out” so bad…

After you pay for the following: $280.00 (night stand), $2,600.00 (LED TV), & $600.00 (July rent) your balance will *only* be $1,447.00… and YES, I said pay my JULY RENT – that’s what I decided you are going to pay for in July.


May 25th, 2011

I know some slaves are either jealous, like knowing how bad mimi is getting raped, or getting annoyed of hearing about him… but I’m updating sissy slave mimi’s “gifting & pay schedule” so that he can budget. All items/tributes displayed below are mandatory.

::: May :::
» RTG Dresser – $599 + tax *PURCHASED*

::: June :::
» $1,000.00 Tribute
» ZGallerie Night Stand – $499 + tax

::: July :::
» I’ll think about it…

::: August :::
» Samsung 55″ LCD-LED TV – $2,599.99 + tax

::: September :::
» $1,500.00 Tribute

*** Remember that TRIBUTES don’t count towards your TEXTING debt! ***

LOSER! You got an afternoon raping and then a night raping! You better start making those “deals” because you know you STILL have to buy me a nightstand within TWO weeks (June) which costs $499.00 – but when you add in my $250.00 of gift cards I have to ZGallerie, with tax it will be about $280.00 or so…

129 x $3.00 = $387.00

I am subtracting the $100.00 you deposited into my account, don’t freak out *wink*

Total Current Debt: $4,621.00

Hi loser,

I’m on vacation enjoying myself and you are (and should be) suffering in chastity the WHOLE time I’m gone… BUT the only way out of it is to buy your way out *hehehehe* so for this week you will buy me this:

West Elm “Madison Quilt” – Color Stone/King Size

West Elm “Juice Glasses” – Color Turquoise

» Ship to my Atlanta address!

GA to FL

May 23rd, 2011

I took a few pix while on the road trip from GA to FL… it was REALLY country bumpkin-like between Atlanta to Tampa… but anyway here are a few pix…I’ll post more later.

Just making an update so that sissy slave mimi knows where his debt is at *hehehehe* It’s been a few days since I added up his texts, but it was *only* at 103 since I’ve been busy on vacation here in Florida…

103 x $3.00 = $309.00

FYI loser, anything purchased for me during R/T does not reduce your text debts! *hahahaha* Yes, it’s called RAPE… financial fuckery. And you love getting fucked.

Total Current Debt: $4,334.00

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

Mason Jar Mug (Set of 6)

» Send to my Atlanta address of course :)

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Gifts, Pedi, & Dinner

May 18th, 2011

Tonight I met up with sissy slave mimi for some real-time…we went to the furniture store Rooms-To-Go and he purchased the “Valencia Dark Dresser” for me that will be delivered soon… I already had 2 $100.00 GC’s to that store so he caught a break…

After that we got pedi’s and went to dinner… & his addiction became deeper. Oh, and after dinner we went to Lowe’s and he bought me a cooler for the beach – I will need one for my days at the beach!

Last night he texted me because he was so excited for today…
Tuesday Night = 34 texts

34 x $5.00 = $170.00

Anywayyy…When I get back from Florida, we are going to VS to get some stuff for me and some sissy stuff for him… he loves lacey girly stuff. *LOL*

I didn’t forget to add up todays texts…
Wednesday Night = 109

109 x $5.00 = $545.00

- $512.00 (Valencia Dresser)
– $300.00 (Cash Tribute)

Total Current Debt: $4,025.00

Catch Up

May 17th, 2011

I’ve been playing catch up on my DVR watching all of the shows I missed while I was gone for almost 2 months. YES, I love my shows. Plus it’s been raining here, so it’s perfect weather for relaxing inside.

The SLUTTY sissy slave mimi text messaged me again tonight and wanted a “little” raping – of course the word little isn’t in my vocabulary unless we are talking about your penis size… but calculated:

51 x $5.00 = $255.00

PLUS, $50.00 for viewing my cam : )
Which puts his debt over the 4k mark! Hahahahahaha!
I’m so greedy…

Total Current Debt: $4,122.00


May 15th, 2011

I’m back in the “A” (as they say)… my boyfriend kept the house pretty clean except for the floors. Gross. Learn how to use a vacuum… BUT, that’s okay because I’ll be shampooing the floors tomorrow! My Hoover Platinum floor cleaner that was broke, is now at the hoover store – they sent me a brand new one because something was wrong with the circuit board on the original. Call me a clean freak, I don’t care. At least I’m not a real freak like you losers!!!

Speaking of losers… the other night before I left Boise, sissy slave mimi got tag-teamed again… $100.00 for my friend and $5/text from me…

51 x $5.00 = $255.00

mimi is taking me for a pedicure and dinner and also to buy the dresser I want on Wednesday… I’m sure he can’t contain himself – he’s so in love with me. *LoL*

Total Current Debt: $3,817.00

tag teamed

May 13th, 2011

sissy slave mimi got tag teamed last night by me and a friend… $5/text and he gave my friend $100.00 via greendot/moneypak… such a SLUT!

61 x $5.00 = $305.00

AND through WEDNESDAY of next week, ALL texts he receives from me will be $5.00 each.

Total Current Debt: $3,562.00

2 More Days!

May 12th, 2011

2 more days until I’m back in Atlanta… I’m starting to get sad because I got attached to this little guest bedroom (I’ll take pix before I go) and the wonderful Boise weather. It was cold as heck, but now the weather is in the 80′s with a slight breeze…. it’s great :)

Anywayyyy, last night sissy slave mimi sent me like 13 texts in a row talking about how desperate he is and wanted to be RAPED! His favorite thing to do at night! I charged $5.00 per text and he racked them up…

53 x $5.00 = $265.00

I win, you lose! Let’s do it again…

Total Current Debt: $3,257.00


Before I go to Florida next week – both of you need to check my amazon wishlist and buy the items tagged with your name and “florida” next to it…make sure you buy within the next few days so that it will reach me before my trip! don’t fuck this up! let me know when you have purchased it. Go here →

xoxo Princess Jersey


Florida Hotel Paid For!

May 10th, 2011

Just making an update that my hotel for Florida has been booked and paid for by sissy slave mimi and sissy slave mike

sissy slave mike sent me a moneypak to load onto my greendot card so I could directly book the dates myself.

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