GreenDot Greed II

April 29th, 2011

money sub came back online with another $100.00 moneypak for me… he handed it over while I had my webcam on the floor looking up at my feet… he is never to be at eye level. He is scum of the earth to me! He should be licking and eating WHATEVER I step in… hahahahahaha!


April 29th, 2011

I’m making spaghetti with whole wheat pasta (it’s good, try it if you haven’t) and meat sauce (prego heartsmart is my bff, it’s yumz) and thennnn fresh homemade french bread with real butter. I love my cooking more than restaurants… maybe I’m bias. ;) Nahhhhh, I’m just THAT good of a CHEF!

owned & controlled.

April 29th, 2011

I sent sissy slave mimi a hypno-audio last night and he went crazy over it (to my benefit) *hehehehehe*

43 x $3.00 = $129.00

And then $5.00 for cum texts…he’s a one-pump chump jerker basically. PATHETIC!

8 x $5.00 = $40.00

Making the total for the night $169.00

Total Current Debt: $2,366.00

GreenDot Greed

April 28th, 2011

money sub was online and had a greendot moneypak of a $100.00 that he had selfishly been holding on to… so I TOOK IT!!! Bahahahahahahaha! Right now he is viewing my feet on webcam… and needs to stop being cheap and go get ANOTHER one RIGHT NOW!

April 28th, 2011

Go buy clips at my Clips4Sale store!!!

take notes.

April 28th, 2011

Yesterday, sissy slave mimi made a $1,500.00 deposit into my bank account. This does not clear his debt, his debt is a separate payment… read prior posts to see his payment schedule if you are nosey!

I Get, What I Want…

April 27th, 2011

…And don’t ever forget that!

Anyway, I just wanted to remind sissy slave mimi that he owes me a gift (per the text message he sent) because I responded back to him…

So go here →

And buy the Revlon Ceramic Deep Waver

Good BITCH! :)


April 27th, 2011

I got a text from sissy slave mimi around 1am saying: “Please, just a litte raping tonight…”

23 x $3.00 = $69.00

THEN text’s went up to $5.00 each…

23 x $5.00 = $115.00

Making your total for the night $184.00

Total Current Debt: $2,197.00

more and more and more…

April 24th, 2011

48 x $3.00 = $144.00

PLUS $50.00 webcam…. oh you thought that was FREE?! WRONG!

I’ll also be making you some new recordings to melt your mind to mush… *giggle*

Total Current Debt: $2,013.00


April 24th, 2011

I’m not religious, but I like being in town for Easter because my parents still spoil me. As a child, I never got Easter eggs with candy in them… I got Easter eggs with MONEY in them. So blame them for my greed…

My parents would put quarters, half dollars, dollars, $5, $10, $20, $50, and the “golden egg” would have $100 in it… and since I’m an only child – it all worked out well for me! *SMILE* …I never really liked what was in my Easter basket because I don’t really like candy… I HARDLY like chocolate to begin with. It has to be accompanied with something else… like mint chocolate chip ice cream… or chocolate covered strawberries… or yellow cake with chocolate frosting. But not ALL chocolate… and I HATE dark chocolate… and I HATE fudge.

Now that we got that out of the way…

For Easter, I’m going to my Dad’s house… he was recently married and his new wife is having HER family over. She has 2 daughters and a son. And one of the daughters husbands is submissive… I’m pretty sure… because he won’t even look me in the eyes EVER! But it should be interesting with a whole bunch of strangers that I hardly know… I’ll be on my best behavior *WINK*

SCHOOL is almost over, I have like 3 weeks or something left… I have an A in my humanities class, but at this point I am really sick of the professors shit. She assigns WAY too much shit for an elective course… I don’t even NEED the class. She’s on my shit list for sure… This Summer I’m taking medical terminology and sociology. My mom keeps telling me she has a medical terminology book that she used for her class back in the 80′s and that I can use it… I’m like “MOM, they have new books every year, I’m pretty sure yours is outdated…” but she keeps insisting that I must take it.

And NO, I don’t need any homework slaves… STOP ASKING! How will I learn essential things that I need to know in the medical field if you do my homework? If it’s some throw away class that I need to take as an elective, I’ll let you know… but my close slaves will be the first candidates to take it… I prefer taking classes on my own… but you can PAY my tuition anytime! Payments are made easily and securely with any debit/credit card via my universities website.

K, that’s all for now…

wuss boy

April 23rd, 2011

I had a slave ‘run’ recently, but he’s back and I’ve re-named him “wuss boy” wear that name proud loser! *LoL* Since he was supposed to be paying me $200.00 a month, he had to clear his debts and deposited $400.00 into my bank account. He has to pay $200.00 through June for training and then can decide if he wants to continue or quit the scene.

the addict and the rapist.

April 23rd, 2011

sissy slave mimi almost cannot go ONE night without being raped (financially speaking) – he knows he has to PAY TO PLAY but he just keeps texting every night knowing my responses are $3.00 EACH! Last night’s damage wasn’t too bad…

53 x $3.00 = $159.00

Total Current Debt: $1,819.00

LOSER – because you we away most of the week, you need to make up for it by buying me some stuff!!!

» Crate & Barrel – Miguel 18 oz. Highball Glass (4 of them)

» Crate & Barrel – Roulette 4-Piece Place Setting (2 of them)

Ship to my Atlanta address…


Summer Vacations!

April 21st, 2011

All this nice weather has me thinking about going on a few vacations this Summer! So these are my tentative plans…

» MayClearwater Beach, FL

» JulySeattle, WA or Las Vegas, NV

» AugustSan Francisco, CA (for my birthday)


I am planning to either go to the Bahamas or Hawaii for Christmas, how cliché right?

I’m going to give you a DEAL and round it down to 50 texts… I’m being NICE!

50 x $3.00 =$150.00

Get ready for tomorrow! *tehehehehe*

Total Current Debt: $1,660.00

budget smudget…

April 20th, 2011

While sissy slave mimi draws up his “budget” for the next few month, I decided to draw up my expectations. His budget that he emails to me get a once over and then I email him back and TELL him what to fix… he supposedly stopped smoking, so that should be saving him extra money every week (he was smoking a pack a day!)…

::: April :::
» $1, 500.00 Tribute

::: May :::
» RTG Dresser – $599 + tax
» ZGallerie Night Stand – $499 + tax

::: June :::

» $1,000.00 Tribute

::: July :::
» I’ll think about it…

::: August :::
» Samsung LCD-LED TV – $2,199.99 + tax


ALSO, any other text-tax debt incurred does not replace tributes.
AND your text-tax current balance is SURE to go over the total amount for the items above, so I will keep adding on (september, october, etc.) for what I would like in place of the debt.

Started off with $3.00 per text… then your split personality came out to play and made me more money!

90 x $3.00 = $270.00


Total Current Debt: $1,510.00

THE ADDiCT: sissy slave mimi

April 17th, 2011

Last night texts were $5.00 each!

26 x $5.00 = $130.00

Looks like I’m winning! …EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!

Total Current Debt: $1,240.00

In a few weeks – you will be buying the dresser I want from rooms-to-go which is $599.99 + tax…

sissy slave mimi AGAIN!

April 16th, 2011

How do you love me so? Let me count the texts…

8 x $3.00 = $24.00

7 x $5.00 = $35.00

33 x $7.00 = $231.00

Grand Total: $ 290.00


sissy slave mimi

April 15th, 2011

Let’s add up your debt as of now…

$184.00 + $102.00 + $424.00 + $120.00 + $290.00 = $1,120.00

Added up together, makes your debt $1,120.00, BUT today you deposited $300.00 into my account…

Total Current Debt: $820.00

sissy slave mimi

April 15th, 2011

Let’s re-cap last night…

you went to bed early saying “I will not be raped tonight”… something along those lines… and then literally an hour later you messaged me “please rape me!” – HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

So let me add up these texts…

18 x $3.00 = $54.00

THEN…your split personality messaged me… saying $4.00 per text!

59 x $4.00 = $236.00

So NOW you are TOTALLY in debt! Not to mention FRIDAY NIGHT will be even more tempting…

Tonight’s Total: $290.00


April 13th, 2011

sissy slave mimi

April 13th, 2011

This little addict can’t get enough of me…

…at about 2am, I woke up to texts from slave mimi BEGGING me to rape him!

30 x $3.00 = $90.00

After a brief period of being ignored, he said “$5″ …money is the only way to bribe me.

6 x $5.00 = $30.00

You can’t keep your hands off your clitty even just for one night? *LoL*

Total: $120.00

slave tommy

April 12th, 2011

These are the next things I want you to buy ME! Get to it, bitch!

* NYC Bamboo Accent Top – Color Black/Size Medium

* NYC Shirred V-Neck Tee – Color Coffee Brown/Size Small

* Crochet Ribbed Tank Top – Color Pink Taffey/Size Small

* Crochet Ribbed Tank Top – Color Rosey Outlook/Size Small

* Crocheted Sleeves SoHo – Color Delightful Pink/Size Medium

* Ruched Neck Slub Top – Color Cerise/Size Medium

Let me know when you have bought them…

sissy slave mimi

April 11th, 2011

I’ve calculated tonight’s financial rape texting…

It started at $3.00 per text…

78 x $3.00 = $234.00

THEN when you got desperate and HAD to know my devious plans and idea…

…the price per text went to $10.00…

19 x $10.00 = $190.00

Hahahahahaha, you SOOOOO got RAPED…you are SO easy bitch…

Tonight’s Total: $424.00

And the month isn’t even over!

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