Thursday Already?

February 24th, 2011

This week is going by so FAST! Which reminds me, I have homework I HAVE to finish today…then I have an exam I have to take, plus a quiz… super gay.

Anyway, I managed to re-do – I am going with the clean look. Keeping it simple and easy to navigate for you idiots. A lot of you get overwhelmed with visual decor and lose the ability to function… Now all you have to do it enter, join, pay, and you are IN! I will make a post when the members area is completed and ready for you to sign up! So again, for the 27th time… stop asking me if it’s up yet!

you-know-who pay date is tomorrow. He owes me $250.00, I sent him an invoice for it, so if he is LATE again this month… all of his stuff will either a.) stay up OR b.) he pays a fine to have it removed

Video Blog

February 19th, 2011

I made a VLOG while getting ready for date with my sexy boyfriend. I basically turned the cam on and just started recording and didn’t know what I was going to talk about, so it’s a lot of rambling…Next time, I’ll actually have topics for discussion – if your lucky. AND for all of you idiots who think VLOGS are free humiliation videos… you are thinking wrong – this is just a blog post put into video. No freebies EVER!

GlamWorship Cam Tonight!

February 18th, 2011

Just a heads up that I’ll be on webcam at, so get your asses over there and sign up!

FYI, webcam is FREE for LOSER LEVEL members!

That means you get to watch all of us gorgeous girls at all hours of the day!

I received a really pathetic email from slave mimi:

Princess, today you almost made me do one of the most humiliating things ever, cum in my pants while working and then have to go home with a giant stain in my pants. It made me realize it’s not sucking cock that turns me on or being gay, I’m not, it’s the humiliation of the act and the power it shows you have over me that makes me obsess and makes my clitty drip with agonizing pleasure.

I know if I’m made to suck cock it will gross me out and make me go limp. It’s you I desire more than life itself. You grow more beautiful each day and keep plundering my mind, making me suffer to the end of the earth.

Mimi The Slave

LIVE Now on GlamWorship

February 14th, 2011

…public cam is on:

Make sure to use code Jersey0025 when you sign up…

Cam will be on until 8pm EST

I’m not trying to brag or anything… but I am so frickin’ cute even with just Carmex chapstick on & my messy laying in the bed all day hair…

Skype FootCam

February 12th, 2011

After I was on webcam for a few hours on GlamWorship, I did a footcam session with someone who messaged me via yahoo and we cammed through SKYPE which is a lot more clear and faster and has voice… vs. ghetto yahoo webcam…

Here are some screen shots from the footcam session…

I love being a girl… it’s so easy to TAKE your money….


February 11th, 2011

I’ll be on webcam tonight on

Use code pj11 to sign up, losers!!!

JERSEYISM ::: Slave Timid

February 10th, 2011

slave timid is having a struggle between my power and his pride. He knows that he’s a loser… but he tries to fight it SO bad… I made him write a mini-essay to convey his feelings (spelling errors and all):

There was a time in my life were I was a great submissive. There was a complete purity behind my every thought of giving myself over to a dominant superior woman that I recognize as better than me. I hope Princess has at least seen glimpses and I thank her for even showing interest in claiming me as her own. At times when she has been and expressed her possessiveness/possession of me I have been rendered helpless and truly where I felt I should be. Where I belong. I know how badly and wrongly struggled with this. Time, scams, and disingenuous people have made me jaded and questioning my every turn. Unfulfilling prodomme experiences kind of lead to a meloncholy about submissive nature.

I cannot begin to explain why conflicting feeling on a daily basis and what you have been doing the past two weeka. I was in the process of making a shrine. I saw store that was closign that was offering half price on items. I saw candles. I did not buy them. I do not know why. I thought, well we had not talked and may not. Princess has shown tremendous patience as she has toyed with me; far more than I deserve. She is the ONE thing in life that focuses my scattered thoughts. Then I think, ‘but I have not heard her voice in two weeks’, do I really answer to her? I look at a website on you tube of a girl real time dominating her slave. I am stunned amazed by it. I wondering if I should do be doing that. The girl was certainly very pretty, but also then I start wishing I could and then I think of Princess. I realize I should have never thought of the other. And I remember that if I talk to Princess, she will dominate me. If I obey her, she will. And if I act poorly, she will be indifferent. Maybe some time it could actually be like the video, at least in context. I then think I should not be doing this; what professional person could be doing this and carry on. I can be strong and resist this temptation that can bring me down. Or does it actually liberate me. I do not know often. That is when I need to feel Princess’ power. Hear her words that inspire me to total submission.

I regret feeling this way. Ashamed by it often. I know I can be a loyal total slave to another if I am put and kept down. If power is unleashed. I am sorry I can not stay there. Permanently. No turning or thinking I can turn back. I need to feel this domination to succeed. Princess can claim me as such. I my heart I know it.

AND here is the prayer that he wrote and must recite for 15 minutes a day before he kneels in front of the shrine he made:

I pray that my efforts pleased You today, Great Princess Jersey
i know i am not worthy and should always do more
You inhabit my dreams and control my thoughts
May Your name be forever on my lips in in the forefront of my weak mind
and Your laughter in my ears, keeping me where I belong-
in lifelong service to you
Praise you Great Princess for everything
Praise you for acknowledging my existence and making it of use to you
Before I was lost and absolutely nothing
but you have given me purpose
to please and worship you
I will do all I can to serve this purpose
everything I do I do for you
Praise you Great Princess
Thank you Great Princess


February 9th, 2011

I just got home from working out and running errands… there was NO line at the bank today! I haven’t been since they changed their fee terms, but maybe that’s why it’s less busy inside. I also went to the leasing office and got those packages waiting for me and took some pix =]

It’s Wednesday!

February 9th, 2011

Wednesday is “hump day” – but we all know you do NO humping with anyone… except for with your hand… HAAAA!

Anyway, I woke up hella early (9:45am) today which is unusual for me, but the sun has been coming up earlier and waking me up. Actually, for the past month – the sun was hardly out because of the gray and gloomy skies, but this week the skies has been blue…but still cold. It hasn’t been over 50 degrees in over a week! And the forecast is saying it “might” snow late tonight/early morning tomorrow. Keep in mind, they shut the whole city down with the “threat” of snow happening here. But all next week, it’s supposed to be over 50 degrees which means I get to workout EVERY day! I love working out!  I don’t go to a gym here, everything is done outdoors – so the weather is a crucial part of my sanity.

Speaking of sanity, I was SUCH a bitch to my bf last night after he ate my food! I was looking forward to eating my leftover goulash (it’s better the second day to me) and I got out of the shower and walked into the kitchen and he’s standing against the counter just eating the fuck outta this plate of goulash. I stopped in my tracks and was like “I hope you left some for me…” – he stopped chewing and handed me his plate and I was like “You ate it ALL!?”

…After that, I don’t know what I did. All I know is that I threw my hands up in the air and told him that he ruined my life. I am very emotional over things I’m looking forward to. I said “I’m going to have to eat fucking RAISIN BRAN! THANKS. A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!” and then slammed my door. I admit, I’m such a brat and pouter – but that’s how I get! It’s who I am, I own it. After seething for an hour, I was still pretty mad, but he came into the room to go to bed and pulled the covers over his whole head and I said “I hope you suffocate.” — WTF!? I’m pure evil! …BUT, about 10 mins. later I was like “…I didn’t mean that…but I meant everything else I said…” Hopefully he learned his lesson. He KNEW I was going to eat it too. That’s why I’m not sorry.

So yeahhhhh – that’s how my night went. I prob. woke up early because I’m HUNGRY! *LoL*Anyway, it’s time to go workout and THEN go to the leasing office to pick up some packages. I HATE going there. They always act like you are bothering them when you go in…the door chimes when you walk in the door – but they always look at each other like “are you going to help her?…” and they do it for anyone who walks in the office. They are either lazy or racist…

Remember when you message me on Yahoo Messenger: Tributes = Attention!

Alright bitches, I’m OUT!

Anna Nicole Smith

February 8th, 2011

It’s been 4 years since the gorgeous Anna has passed away…

Although she was crazy…. she was also crazy beautiful.

It’s so sad that the demons around her in her life caused her death.

R.I.P. Anna Nicole Smith November 28, 1967 – February 8, 2007

Losers Pay Me

February 6th, 2011

I don’t know if you know… but I own like 30 website domains… Everything from FINANCIALHUMILIATRIX.COM to LOSERSPAY.ME… Over the weekend, I decided to make use of  (LosersPay.Me) “Losers Pay Me” and forward the domain to my new clips4sale page, which will be up and running sometime this month. This clips4sale page will only be for domination & humiliation-type videos. The other clips for sale page ( has ALL types of fetish videos, everything from balloon popping to spit video… I wanted this new one to be only for domination/humiliation. Anyway, you’ll definitely know when the new store is up and running because I *will* be posting about it!

Tonight, thumbelina & I did my homework together – and we got a 100% on my quiz! Yeaaaah! I was in a hurry because it had to be done by 12am, but I got it done with 20 minutes to spare. So far I have an *A* in all of my classes. DUH! I just applied for FAFSA, last year I didn’t qualify, which is a load of shit. But hopefully, this year I will and won’t have to pay for school on my own. I hate paying for school when other people get it nearly for FREE! *I* should be getting free schooling too! I’ve only had one semester where I got $500.00 from FAFSA… but that small ass amount covers 75% of ONE class… such bullshit. BULLSHIT I SAY! *GrRrr*

Anyway, just wanted to make that brief announcement… BYEEEEeeeeeeee!

New Hurr

February 5th, 2011

I got my hair done on Tuesday (courtesy of slave mimi) – but it turned out way too blonde – not what I wanted. I like it light brown with caramel colored highlights (if you know Redken color: 6 & 8 GB) Anyway, this is what it looks like now…

Did you just fall in love all over again?

Anyway, I am going to a different salon next week to put more brown in it… I like a more natural look, although I can pull the blonde off obviously =]


February 3rd, 2011


February 3rd, 2011

Brandon is an idiot who likes long finger nails and ass shaking… he also likes to make false claims to his credit card company resulting in charge-backs to the people he has paid… feel free to take notes on his personal information while watching this video. Feel free to call him: # 317-445-7187  or emailing him among other known email address’…

Click Here To Watch The Video

I had a lot of requests for my “white panties” so I am now putting them up for auction!

Auction starts at $20.00 » Bid NOW!

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