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January 27th, 2011

I received a few things in the mail… but first I want to talk about the importance of COMPLAINING! I’m very good at it. In fact, it pays off… I recently had a bad experience at Chili’s. Usually, I would just be like “fuck it!” but this time I was pissed because I didn’t even eat my food – it was obvious I was upset at the restaurant. They fixed one issue, but another arose. Something should have been comp’ed but wasn’t. So I complained on the website, and a week later $20.00 in Chili’s GC’s show up. I always get excited over free stuff =]

I also got some stuff from a fan who hasn’t talked to me before (not that I know of) named stephen from QC, who I am hoping buys more… And some facial mask stuff and a camera came from jimmmaaayyyy

This is a re-post from 12/24/10… but since most of you just scroll through looking for FREE wanking material, I am posting this again so you will stop asking me for the password to the recent password protected post…

I am going to start password protecting SOME of my posts that include various types of download-able multimedia: videos, audio, pictures (not gift updates), etc…

To become a member of the V.P.L. (Very Privileged Losers) there will be a ONE-TIME yearly fee of $100.00!!! I am being VERY generous offering such a low price for the WHOLE year. I know a lot of you are broke jokes, but I will allow you to break the fee into 2 consecutive monthly payments of $50.00… BUT if you miss a payment, your membership will be revoked and you will not receive a refund.

I will be posting videos that are around 2-5 minutes long… but most of you jerk off to my videos and only last about 1 minute if that!

I will accept cash, online payment, or amazon gift certificates as payment… it’s time to start paying for honor and special privileges, bitches!

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Jerk-off Instructional » BUY NOW!

The closest you will ever get to my ass crack, booty boys!

Bidding starts at $20.00 – Bid NOW!

I made a new jerk-off instructional! I had a few requests of making an instructional in my sexy lacquer leggings, so there you have it, bitches!

Go buy it!


January 21st, 2011

Hey freaks! What are you doing? Oh yeah, that’s right… obsessing over ME.

I’m getting ready to shower, get prettified, sexxxified, and then record a few videos! After that I’ll be listing some panties on ebanned for you to bid on… I don’t have any shoes to sell because I hardly go anywhere to wear shoes and really stink them up… the next shoes that will be sold are my workout sneakers – but not for awhile… but I will be selling some more workout socks SOON. Maybe next week sometime!

Go buy some videos NOW –

I Do It & I Do It Well…

January 19th, 2011


Tuition Has Been Paid!

January 19th, 2011

First day of school was pretty ridiculous – the professor of my Humanities class is a Nazi & a sadist… she has like 7 assignments per week… the other classes are going to be pretty easy.

ALSO, who wants to pay and take my Intro to Chemistry class next fall semester? The fee for the 3-credit class is about $800.00 including books… tuition will be due in AUGUST! You can start paying me for that class NOW or save up and pay for it when it’s due. I’d suggest monthly payments because that’s usually easier… email me with the subject “Chemistry Class” if you are interested:

PS. I put off my Boise trip until March

Spring Tuition Is DUE!

January 13th, 2011

Who contributing to my education?! Are you that cheap of a wanker than you only read my website, stalk my blog, and jerk off to my clips4sale pix?! Are you being selfish and spending money on yourself? WHY?! Do you even deserve it? NO! Dig deep into those pockets & send me a TRIBUTE to pay towards my tuition! My tuition is about $2,500.00/semester (not counting books)…

I accept online payment methods, cash, and greendot!
Email me TODAY to send a tribute:

Todays song is one of my FAVORITE Kanye West songs… I actually listen to it anytime I’m on the plane, it helps me relax and I usually fall asleep. I ALWAYS play Kanye’s “College Dropout” album when I fly… it’s a ritual now. =]


January 12th, 2011

It’s literally been a SNOW WEEK – Atlanta is still shut down over the FOUR inches of snow we got on late Sunday Night… Mostly everything is closed except for a few grocery stores who only stay open for a few HOURS. Even the MARTA Bus System & POST OFFICE is still closed! So the mailmen are loving it this week… until they have 4 times as much mail to deliver tomorrow. I think tomorrow more things are supposed to open up… I haven’t drove anywhere this week, nor have I really went outside. It’s almost impossible to WALK because the fucking apartment complex has not shoveled or put rock salt or sand anywhere except for random spots on the street the day after it snowed (as seen in the pictures). I really feel like I’m living amongst incompetent idiots. If you are one of those Georgians, I feel sorry for you – but it’s true! UGHHHH! So annoyed. Also, suzette sent me a $50.00 pottery barn GC for “attention”… he’s such a whore.


January 11th, 2011

Hey freaks! It snowed 4″ Sunday night, so I have really bad cabin fever right now. The roads are HORRIBLE and the leasing office people didn’t even come to WORK today nor did anyone shovel ANY of the sidewalks! Can we say “lawsuit” – in most states, it’s illegal to not shovel your walkway – especially at a public place. So if an old lady going to checks her mailbox falls on her ASS – be ready to pay up, because a lot of elderly have brittle bones… I should write them a nice anonymous email. I seriously hate the office. They had a package from last FEBRUARY in the backroom and were like “We just found this when we were going through the storage room” I’m like, “REALLY?!!?! …fuck you guys!” – they were just shoes, but there has been 2 other times that a floor cleaner was delivered and signed for according to UPS, but when I went to the office to get it, they couldn’t find it and were like “sorry about that” — WHAT?! You fucking STOLE my floor cleaner. I know for a fact someone did because those big items get delivered in their original boxes vs. the brown kind… STANK HOES! …Luckily was nice enough to resend one…

I still hadn’t vented from those incidents… it’s good to get stuff like that out of you =]

OH, so anyway – to the winners of ebanned… the items will be sent off at the end of this week when the roads are clear, because I am NOT risking my life for a pair of panties and socks… The videos/assignments will be done by tomorrow and emailed!

I love this song… Ciara needs to regroup and make good music again…

Blah, Blah, Blah…

January 9th, 2011

I went to bed LATE last night/this morning at 6AM… anytime I drink PEPSI, I’m usually up all night… but I got the wild cherry kind and it was deliciously good. When I was younger, I used to the go rollerblading at the skating rink (sounds so old school!)  and then my friends and I would get cherry cokes (with the crunchy ball ice) and use red vines as a straw and it was really good! …That makes me want to go rollerblading at a rink now! Actually Boise doesn’t have one anymore… I should open one up!

…Speaking of entrepreneurial endeavors. One thing I like about Boise is that it’s still a developing community and local business’ generally do very well. I would like to one day open up an upscale salon/medspa OR an upscale lounge – UPSCALE!!!!!! WHO wants to invest in my business?!? …Do it =]

Anyway – my camera still hasn’t came, yet the amazon wish list still shows it as “purchased” so I contacted the slave who bought it thinking he canceled the order like a jackass, but he said it’s supposed to arrive between 1/7-1/10…it better come or I’ll fuck some people up… actually my RT slave will probably get all of the wrath. Speaking of mimi the slave, I made him a grocery list and he better have it completed by TOMORROW! No excuses!

My mom called me the other day and said “Where do you want to go for your Birthday this year?” and I was like “Europe!” …but then I looked up flights on expedia and saw 18-24 hour flights, so I changed my mind on that – unless someone knows of shorter flights… So now I think I want to go to: The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii… I’m leaning more towards the first two choices because I’m going with my MOM… and if I went to Hawaii, I’d want to go with my BFF since she lived there for 3 years.

K, that’s all for nowwwwww – I’ll be online most of the day today since it’s freezing outside.

Take your money? Gladly.

January 8th, 2011

This week went by SUPER QUICK! I hope the whole year doesn’t go by fast like that because I have things to do and places to vacay to! Oh… I changed my Boise Trip – I will now be going in MARCH so that I can stay longer and endure better weather. Right now it’s cold as shit and I’m not really into THAT at the moment!!! I did want to snowboard and go sledding, but I’ll either go to Sun Valley for that or whatever… I’m not huge snowboarder, I just like doing it and I can only do the bunny hill as of now – but I’m really good at it! My mom is into cross country skiing, but I always hear of people getting lost up in the mountains or like, some freak comes out of the trees and murders them!!!! …Okay, okay…maybe I’ve been watching a few too many Lifetime Original Movies… but it’s always going to be in the back of my mind =]

Oh, I got a “payment/tribute” from san diego slave who wins my auctions but doesn’t want the item – the best kind of winner! It’s less work on my part and saves me a trip to the post office! He won my last ebanned panty auction which ended for $21.00 but sent me $40.00 – good job, I always like an even number! I know $40.00 isn’t a lot of money – but that cash goes right into my CAR FUND, which keeps growing and growing! *tehehehe*

I am taking the opportunity to use you losers in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!


If the auction goes over $50.00, the winner gets a custom video…

If the auction goes over $65.00, the winner also gets an assignment video!

Bidding starts at $10.00

::: BID NOW :::

Rags To Riches (Hopefully)

January 7th, 2011

The day that Ted William’s homeless video became viral I tweeted that I hoped he would find a job etc… and the next day he did! Anyway, I wanted to post about it – I think it’s totally awesome and good for him! But could someone PLEASE give him a new outfit to wear, damn! How are you going to give him a haircut but make him wear the same dirty coat and shoes… that’s messed up! *LoL*

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Cleaning Out My Closet

January 5th, 2011

This month, my goal is to do DEEP cleaning in my closet… selling stuff on Ebay & Ebanned and getting rid of things I have never wore & will never wear again… I have a million things with tags on them. I have about 60 pairs of panties that I need to sell on ebanned… yes 60! That’s gonna take all year – but I am thinking of doing a “days of the week” panties and sell 7 panties per auction… I really am a panty hoarder, I keep all of my panties because they are just SO CUTE! =]

Also, all of my ebanned/ebay auction money will be going towards the CAR FUND!
So join the fun, and bid on my ebanned auctions!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad… almost getting to the 50′s in a few years!

My sexy bare feet, soles, toes, and my perfectly plump ass!

amsterdam ♥’s princess

January 1st, 2011

slave amsterdam got high/drunk (on life) and maxed his CC out… unfortunately, his cc already had a balance on it from being SLUTTY. But, since everybody gets a ride, I decided to get mine… 2 hours later, he spent $470.00… I didn’t even really pay attention to him. I was watching TV 98% of the time! *LoL* Anyway bitch, pay your cc balance down & let’s play again LOSER! *hehehe*

…I ended up buying some UGG boots & a COACH bag!


January 1st, 2011

So a few people have already contacted me asking where I moved some things from my website, so I decided to make a blog entry letting you know what has changed on my website:

Website Changes - I really felt like my prior layout had WAY too much on it. I am really not one for clutter and believe less is more. Plus, I feel like the Financial Domination scene has really been cheapened by girls who give too many things away for FREE. Remember when Dommes hardly ever had videos of themselves up for free on their websites? NOW, almost everyone has to put free incentives up just because a cam girl wants to convert to domination and dilute the true meaning of FINANCIAL SLAVERY. Slaves should be pleasing US, not the other way around…

If you are a MONEY SLAVE – you should respect the Princess/Goddess you are serving & pay for honor of viewing pictures and watching videos. This is one of the reasons I don’t have a account anymore (plus it kept getting flagged) but if you want it…pay for it! I will still be posting some preview videos for marketing/promotional purposes every once in awhile for my clips4sale & members website.

Anyway, back to website changes/updates…
*Twitter widget moved to the Daily Addiction blog
*Car & House Fund added & will be updated frequently
*Tribute & Sessions pages updated. Session prices have changed.
*Adopt-a-Bill information updated
*Removed gifts received (All gifts can be viewed on the blogs)
*Updated Luxury Wishlist
*Free Foot Pictures removed (posted on the blog I’m being generous)

Daily Addiction Blog - I’ve cleaned the menu up… you will find the most important links listed… if you are serving me, you will have a slave page where I will leave you assignments/rules/demands…& past blogs have also been linked as well.

K, that’s about it… don’t forget to VOTE & buy my clips4sale clips & keep me RICH! =]

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