Stevie Is So Confused

Since, slave stevie seems to be “so confused” lately about the RULES AND REGULATIONS… I thought I would refresh his memory. First of all, every slave has their own set of rules – some have more strict rules than others… it just depends on what *I* think that they *need*…


  • There is a $100.00 fee for cum tax or provoking “the animals”… That means $100.00 PER girl. Even if you just text them “Hi”… you still have to pay. AND, they can provoke you all they want, encouraging a response and you still have to pay! Payment is due at the time of the session! ALWAYS! No excuses.
  • You owe me $150.00 bi-weekly tribute every other Friday regardless if you paid a cum tax the night before. We will start fresh on 8/14/15.
  • You owe me EXACTLY $3,000.00 in September for TomorrowWorld tickets, if you don’t sell 3k worth, you better come up with the difference!
  • You must ask to do any extracurricular activities, such as movies or events.
  • Why are you eating junk food still? Have you lost ANY weight? I have no use for a FAT sissy, you will start video documented monthly weigh-ins ASAP! LMFAO! Awww, public humiliation. Your favorite!
  • I am planning for Vegas around the end of Jan/Feb so that my friend YG Kellie can meet us there and it will be more fun! She is gorgeous, you will be so lucky to take us to dinners or even walk around in the casino with us, if we allow it. 
  • *I* am not your friend. LMFAO!!!!! *evil laugh*