Slave Stevie’s Tab

Other than the sidebar on my blog, which is over a year old of debt… slut boy stevie managed to rack up current debt which is now over 2k… and will be paid within the next week. He wakes up and provokes, knowing it’s $100 for cum tax… and he just keeps waking up craving RAPE RAPE RAPE!

He was supposed to send a jacket that I forgot to bring with me to Idaho the day after getting back on 12/21 but his stupid ass forgot and here I am, without my cute black faux leather “going out” jacket and have to wear an ugly puffer snow coat or just go without when I decide to go out on the town this weekend and next. I told him he better get it send off ASAP…

Oh by the way, stevie – make sure you send the other xbox controller along with it.

I forgot to mention that his wife’s little part-time paycheck now goes 100% to ME! Yes… and she has no idea she’s working for Me. How hilarious is that?

Stevie I think I’m going to make you do extra work by depositing it into my account in person, that way you will really feel like a huge bitch when the bank teller takes the money from your hand and puts it into my account. How humiliating, right? Weak slut.