Sissy Provoking

slave stevie, do you think that you are going to just get away with provoking the other night and NOT PAY? PSYCHO. You owe $300.oo from that night… THEN, tonight I know you started feeling psycho and texted both me and Goddess Hayley once again! And guess how much that costs, psycho? $200.o0… $100 per person that you PROVOKE!


What did I say about provoking? If you provoke, slut fee is due before you cum psycho… even if you don’t cum, you still have to pay the fee, psycho! What do I need to do so that you never forget, psycho? I can think of a few things. Do you want the cruelty to come out? Because I can reallllllllyyyyyy fuck you up, psycho… so that you won’t be able to function mentally. Ever. Again.

$500.00 is due IMMEDIATELY…