GUESS who went on backpages and got himself a TRANNY to partake in extracurricular activities? sissy stevie, that’s who! He paid to suck a shemales dick, although it lasted less than 15 minutes or so… I was unimpressed with the tranny he picked, seemed lazy and sissy stevie was too twitterpated to ask for the things I told him needed to happen (extreme edging, humiliation, 69) you know, the things he begged for and fantasized about doing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.13.48 AM

ALSO, he didn’t even ask for permission to release & did, and then went ghost for the rest of the day, probably regretting wasting $200 on a sucky tranny choice…. a big no-no to release without permission LOSER…

Anyway, don’t forget – you’ll be paying off some longtime debts this week…

  • $8,000.00 – Past Session Debt
  • $350.00 – Stupid Frivilous Bitch Fee
  • $45.00 – Additional Fee
  • $200.00  – 8/27 provoke
  • $200.00 – 8/28 provoke (continued)
  • $200.00 – pimped out fee (hahahahaha)

Summer 16

I’ve been busy enjoying My Summer in case you were wondering why I haven’t been blogging… 

I’ve been getting a lot of custom video requests but as I said in a past tweet from a few weeks ago, I will not be filming any new content UNTIL AUGUST… I will be adding videos to a few websites other than Clips4Sale such as, iWantClips & KinkBomb… 

Don’t expect any fetish videos to be under $10.00… 

I will also be hiring a professional to create the video portion of my members website so everything will be streamlined and able to run flawlessly on a PC/Mac as well as MOBILE! 

I’m not a bikini domme or cam girl, so don’t expect free content like “others” give you… This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION *NOT* “Goddess Teasing/Worship”… I feel like Goddess Teasing/Worship is a little on the submissive side when they are charging only $10-12 for a 5 minute long video… CHARGE MORE! 

All losers should PAY UP!!!

When I do a worship video, they will be at LEAST $15 per 2 minutes…

ALL CUSTOMS START AT $100 for 3 minutes… And $50 per minute after that… YES, EXPENSIVE! 

Can’t afford it? Aw, poor thing. 😂

Ebanned Auction: White Lace Panties


These panties are WELL WORN & SCENTED

and ready to be shipped out to one lucky butt boy!

Bidding starts at $20.00






Coming Soon

So as I was saying on twitter, what I am working on right now is a new revamped members website and all new content. From now on, new videos will be filmed with a DSLR 1080p camera which yields incredible quality. SOMETIMES, I will do regular videos filmed on my old camera for clips4sale, just because I don’t make as much % wise & it’s not 100% findom content – but for the members website it will be findom/brat/humiliation/foot fetish only… With higher quality videos, rendering time is longer… but I’m getting a new iMac in the next few weeks, so all my videos will be made on there or my macbook.

I still have SOOO many panties to sell, they suck to list because ebanned has a very dated website… it’s so old school HTML… if you don’t know basic HTML, your listing will look pretty basic. Luckily I’m smart lol – but too lazy to do any extravagant listings… they are fucking PANTIES – all you need is a picture and description… AND I know you want to smell & taste my perfect Princess pussy, so you’ll bid and pay for the privilege.

Some of you losers have been complaining about how I have too expensive of taste and you can’t afford Me… well you know what? If you can’t afford Me, don’t even bother. You are not wanted. Good wallets have deep pockets and lots of cash… you think I want your scraps? NO BITCH. Go get a cam girl for that… If you can’t afford to tribute a FINANCIAL DOMINATRIX, why are you even trying to contact Me? This fetish is NOT FOR YOU. I swear some of you are in denial about what type of loser you are or how pathetic you TRULY are.

My taste will always be expensive and will always get MORE expensive. Do I want some fucking $50 shoes from Amazon.com? No, I want a pair of Christian Louboutins… WHY SO EXPENSIVE? Because they hold their value and they are made of better quality. Luxury items are much higher quality… so next time you complain about buying a pair of $180+ jeans, just know they last forever and look 100x better on My PERFECT JUICY ASS.

My favorite jeans are: Hudson, Paige, Frame, and Rag & Bone…

My favorite high end purse/wallet brands: Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Burberry…

My birthday is in a few months… I’ll be expecting something EXPENSIVE from all of my owned slaves… and if you are a fanboy and too scared & not worthy enough to even serve me in any way, just send me a NeimanMarcus.com gift card… got it?!

Video: White Gym Socks

These white gym socks are a mismatch (one is orange logo, one is pink) but they are WELL WORN with my foot scent all over it AND the auction is starting at ONLY $25.00!!! I’ll be listing them tomorrow (Monday 5/2)!!!

I *do* sell items directly starting at $100.00, so if you are interested – use the contact page and inquire within.