Thumbelina BUY NOW

It’s your job to pay for My beauty essentials:


Pay My Bills

Shoutout to (little dick) slave thumbelina for continuing to pay my car insurance, year after year, without having to remind him! It’s been what, 5 years now? Maybe more? Anyway, you will continue to keep paying for the rest of your liiiiiiifeeee! Don’t you feel so honored to contribute to my Princess lifestyle? It’s something I should NEVER have to worry about paying.


Public Humiliation.

OMFG! This is the best fucking video I’ve ever seen… I laugh hysterically every time I watch it. I SWEARRRR it could win an award for BEST PUBLIC HUMILIATION VIDEO EVER MADE. The commentary from slave stevie is priceless! That’s what makes it so good! I’m dyinnnnnnnggg!!!

The Steves.

This is literally THE BEST video I have ever found on my computer… I was going through my laptop, clearing it out and found this little 6 minute gem… If you ever wondered what a phone session with me is like. Here it is for FREE… YOU’RE WELCOME!

If you are new to my website by way of clips4sale or another site, this fetish is called “sissification”… but borders on the forced-bi fetish. But it’s hardly FORCED, they are obviously doing it all on their own… I also question stevie’s sanity. He’s really gone off the deep end…

*If it’s lagging, pause and let it load before playing*

FinRape & Debates.

Did I just make up a new possible hashtag?!

#FinRape – Always a pioneer in everything I do. Did you know I coined the term “elite financial domination” and then look what happened? A bunch of bitches copied me, like the SHEEP they are. And they are all still standing in a field, wondering wtf they are doing and why they aren’t making money & are still broke bitches…

As Drake would say:

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged – but you can also keep up with me on twitter @PrincessJersey – I post updates and pics/videos… ANYWAY, I’ve still been financially raping sissy cunt via text OFTEN… he puts a check in the mail bi-weekly and I deposit into my bank. Look at this screenshot from the day after he told me he wanted a “break” hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!


What do I do with the money? I’m saving for a high-rise condo or upscale townhome in the Brookhaven or Buckhead area of Atlanta when I move back. I plan to move back to Georgia by Summer 2018… could be before… hopefully not later. I’m putting it out into the ✨UNIVERSE✨ that it’ll be the goal date I have set in my head. Ya heard? lol… anyway.

I didn’t vote this year. I didn’t like either candidates enough to vote. Am I political? No, but at the beginning at the campaign I was really into the “dramatics” of the debates… but then it became more like a shit show, and as actual qualified candidates (my poor Bernie) dwindled down, it wasn’t as fun to watch because shit was getting real. Well… TRUMP won and even though some may hate him and/or fear for America, everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. It is what it is…