Late August Travel Plans

Hi bitches – so, I’ve decided to go on another vacation for about 3 weeks. I’m going to Boise for a few weeks because I *REALLY* want to go to the Idaho State Fair since I haven’t been in YEARS! I actually haven’t been since before I was of drinking age. I plan on eating all the food, going on the zipper and ferris wheel, and then get really country and look at all of the 4-H animals.

Before I come back to GA, I’m stopping in Phoenix and I’ll be there for a week. I’ll be looking at different areas for potential places to live. As you know, I am pretty much DONE with Georgia. Nothing against GA, but it’s just NOT for me. I want to be closer to family. All of my family is in Idaho, Utah, and California. PLUS, Phoenix is only 4 hours away from San Diego, 7 hours to LA, and 5 hours to Vegas! UM – Yes, please!!! #WestCoast all the way.

Originally, I was going to Denver in July, BUT – I will not be going to Denver until December, so if you want to do a real-time session (foot or shopping) you will have to wait a few more months! Sessions are $500 per 30 minutes. Even 10 minutes is $500… no discount or time breaks. Cash drops of $100+ are ALWAYS accepted, meaning you come, put cash in my hand, and then I laugh and slam the door on your face! *LMFAO* #FinancialDomination

Why all the sudden the use of hashtags in my blog? Because they’ll show up in google.