So… today I finally received the “$300 check” that steven roberts was supposed to send weeks ago. But really I told him I wanted nothing but $500+ checks…. so this $300 I’m going to wipe my ass with, figuratively – I’m not that wasteful.

He keeps asking when I’m going to take down the blogs with his information since he “took a picture” of the $1000 check and texted it to me.


My real answer: WHEN I RECEIVE IT!

Anyway bitch… let me remind you. I HAVE ALL THE POWER. ALL THE POWER. You aren’t going to play Russian Roulette with me and think you’re going to win… Don’t take THAT chance bitch. I can and would ruin you, down to your weak soft faggalicious soul…

Now this is how it’s going to go…

STARTING 11/16/15… every other MONDAY, you will send me a $500 (or more) check… It will NOT be for less than $500.00 and if it is, things will get 10x worse and I’m not fucking playing games this time. I gave you session after session, you racked up debt, and now you have to pay. If you would’ve just given me your credit card like I fucking told you before, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

That’s 1k a month until your debt is paid obviously… if you continue to do as instructed, I will start doing sessions with you again which will be PREPAID via credit card! Understand, faggot?