GUESS who went on backpages and got himself a TRANNY to partake in extracurricular activities? sissy stevie, that’s who! He paid to suck a shemales dick, although it lasted less than 15 minutes or so… I was unimpressed with the tranny he picked, seemed lazy and sissy stevie was too twitterpated to ask for the things I told him needed to happen (extreme edging, humiliation, 69) you know, the things he begged for and fantasized about doing.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.13.48 AM

ALSO, he didn’t even ask for permission to release & did, and then went ghost for the rest of the day, probably regretting wasting $200 on a sucky tranny choice…. a big no-no to release without permission LOSER…

Anyway, don’t forget – you’ll be paying off some longtime debts this week…

  • $8,000.00 – Past Session Debt
  • $350.00 – Stupid Frivilous Bitch Fee
  • $45.00 – Additional Fee
  • $200.00  – 8/27 provoke
  • $200.00 – 8/28 provoke (continued)
  • $200.00 – pimped out fee (hahahahaha)