Clitty Boy

Hey bitchesssssss –

I’ve been in Boise since 8/17, so it’s been 2 weeks already! Time goes by so fast when you are doing whatever the F you want! Too bad you subbies have to work for a living to support my easy Princess lifestyle :) But you love me so much and can’t live without me, so you do it – happily.

I’m going to Phoenix next week for a week to scout out POSSIBLE locations for a RE-location… like I’ve said year after year, I want to move and GA is not for me. But I’m not moving until I find a place that I’d actually enjoy. I mean I’d looooove to move to LA but I can’t take the traffic, smog, people, crime… but I LOVE it there. It’s one of my favorite places to visit, just not live. I COULD live in Costa Mesa CA though – OMG, I just loved it there. So easy going and peaceful… I know I’ll end up in the OC one of these days! But PHX is 4-5 hours away from San Diego, 7 hours from LA, and 4 hours from Las Vegas… ROAD TRIPS!

Anyway, remember slave stevie – he was supposed to sell some tickets and pay me 3k, well so far he has paid me $1,700.00… $200 of that was paid to another debt he owed to 2 other girls.

So let’s break it down… other than the debt you see on the sidebar, stevie owes:

  • Princess Jersey » $1,500.00 + $150 (bi-weekly tribute) + $100 (9/1 – provoke)
  • GH » $100 (prior August debt) + $200 (9/1 tumblr video) + $100 (9/1 provoke)
  • GN » $200