Prezzie List For: Sissy Cunt

STILLWATER – The Henley Long Sleeve – Black/Small STILLWATER – The Perfect Tank Tri Blend – Charcoal/Small Nordstrom  – J Brand – White Low Rise Crop Jeans – Size 31 You’re 4 weeks LATE on buying gifts… BUY ASAP!!!

Blog Construction

Throughout the weekend, I’ll be fixing my blog up a little bit more and adding more things… but less is more for me. I don’t want to clutter up your mind with videos and pix just to get you all confused so that you have too much free content to wank to. I know how you stupid losers work… you …

Owning Slave Stevie For LIFE

slave stevie paid down some of his debt in the amount of $800… he’s such a little bitch, here’s the story… He had to take out a LOAN from ME so he could pay his rent because his OLD UGLY stupid wife got fired (not laid off) from her part-time daycare job, and they had a vacation already planned… First, he needed …

Under Construction

Hi losers… Oh you poor things – my addicting blog is under construction! In the meantime, you can view past blog posts at: OR make yourself useful for once in your life and buy some videos:


FYI – The newest slang term for slut or hoe is THOT!!! It’s an acronym for “That Hoe Over There”…all my slaves are a bunch of thots LMFAO… Don’t you love reading my blog? I keep you older losers in the know and the dorky younger losers in the loop with mainstream information and new slang words. Urban influence… This …