Reminding Slave Stevie

All RAPE sessions must be paid in full within 3 hours… Provoking = RAPE DID YOU PROVOKE TODAY? 😂😂😂

Slave Stevie’s Tab

Other than the sidebar on my blog, which is over a year old of debt… slut boy stevie managed to rack up current debt which is now over 2k… and will be paid within the next week. He wakes up and provokes, knowing it’s $100 for cum tax… and he just keeps waking up craving RAPE RAPE RAPE! He was …

Stevie’s Chores

Living Room: You will let me know when you’ll be available for the carpet cleaners to come. Before then, you’ll hose vacuum all the cracks and crevices and move living room furniture into kitchen in preparation for the cleaners. – Dust tv console (completely) and tv – Windex coffee table (no fingerprints!) – Warm water wipe the dining table clean …


I bought this BEAUTIFUL ZGallerie mirrored chest back in SEPTEMBER [with your slave money] and it literally took 5 years (in my mind) to get to Atlanta… but it’s finally in my closet, in the spot I had in mind… and it’s gorgeous! I named it MARIAH after Mariah Carey because she’s so fancy and loves sparkly things… including tax/shipping …

Sissy Cunt Update

I received a $500 check from sissy cunt already this week. As you know, if you’ve been keeping up with My blog – he is to pay $500 every other week and sent this weeks check early to get on my good side… Good boy! You have earned yourself a session – I know you miss those bratty sessions with Me.

Podcast 11.15.15

Here is my first podcast, where I discuss updates… slave stevie, steven roberts, and slave ian!