You try to flex on me? Don’t be silly. Getting jiggy wit it… nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah… (Will Smith lyrics, for the losers) So, sissy cunt aka steven roberts literally texts me every single day… asking me  for lunchies (lunch time text session) or to flex on him (session plus taking an extra “tip” aka dresser drawers) …

Are you on the A-List?

The A-List (Addicted List) receive texts from My personal phone number throughout the week like the screenshot of texts below… email Me through My contact page to find out how to get on the EXCLUSIVE VIP A-List! And no, it’s not free.


PRINCESSCLIPS.COM CUSTOM VIDEO FOR SISSY SLAVE STEVIE! Now accepting custom video requests… STARTING AT $50 for 3-5 minutes… depending how nice I’m feeling… $100 for 6-10 minutes  


sissy suzy – I think it’s time you put that pink strap to use. HAHAHA! I know Goddess Hayley messaged you about it. You’re such a freak. But don’t you agree? I’m thinking December or so… Enough time for you to prepare!


HAHAHAHAHA! GUESS who went on backpages and got himself a TRANNY to partake in extracurricular activities? sissy stevie, that’s who! He paid to suck a shemales dick, although it lasted less than 15 minutes or so… I was unimpressed with the tranny he picked, seemed lazy and sissy stevie was too twitterpated to ask for the things I told him needed …

Summer 16

I’ve been busy enjoying My Summer in case you were wondering why I haven’t been blogging…  I’ve been getting a lot of custom video requests but as I said in a past tweet from a few weeks ago, I will not be filming any new content UNTIL AUGUST… I will be adding videos to a few websites other than Clips4Sale …

Ebanned Auction: White Lace Panties

ANOTHER DIRTY PANTY AUCTION These panties are WELL WORN & SCENTED and ready to be shipped out to one lucky butt boy! Bidding starts at $20.00 BID NOW – CLICK HERE – BID HIGH FULL VIDEO IS ON MY TWITTER FEED

Coming Soon

So as I was saying on twitter, what I am working on right now is a new revamped members website and all new content. From now on, new videos will be filmed with a DSLR 1080p camera which yields incredible quality. SOMETIMES, I will do regular videos filmed on my old camera for clips4sale, just because I don’t make as …