Ebanned Auction: Worn Pink Thong

Private Ebanned Auction ~ starts at $15.00 Click here to bid: http://www.ebanned.net/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?category=wclothing14&item=1497540624  

Ebanned Auction: Sweaty Gym Socks

LINK: http://www.ebanned.net/cgi-bin/auction/auction.cgi?category=wclothing23&item=1494826643 ::: LISTING PREVIEW ::: Princess Jersey’s SWEATY STINKY GYM SOCKS ::: DESCRIPTION ::: These socks are sweaty, stinky, and well worn! I wore these EVERY DAY for over 2 weeks to the gym… (They are grey adidas socks… I wear a 6.5 shoe.)   ::: PAYMENT & SHIPPING ::: I accept online payment methods and CASH. I ship discreetly …


→ CLICK HERE TO BID Wouldn’t you love to own these “rock and roll” Victoria’s Secret brand panties that have been worn by a real Princess? They fit snugly up my perfect ass and pressed against my perfect pussy. I will be wearing these for 48 hours after the auction has ended and then sealing them in a ziplock bag and shipping …

For Thumbelina TO BUY

Passion Flower Dress – Size Medium   Give Me A Chance Dress – Large   Not Playing Dress – Large   Canopy Jeans – 13

Thumbelina BUY NOW

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Pay My Bills

Shoutout to (little dick) slave thumbelina for continuing to pay my car insurance, year after year, without having to remind him! It’s been what, 5 years now? Maybe more? Anyway, you will continue to keep paying for the rest of your liiiiiiifeeee! Don’t you feel so honored to contribute to my Princess lifestyle? It’s something I should NEVER have to worry …